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Nameless States Plotting

All right! Since "Nameless States is the smallest kingdom" is no longer a meme, let's get some plotting done!

So far I've got:

-this guy getting settled in his role as Regent

-Crown Prince Levin being Levin

-Locke planning to sabatoge Zeon and may or may not be receiving help from the States somehow

-rebuilding from post-Blight rampage.

As a rule, the states are peaceful/neutral and mercantile, but will throw their lot with whoever seem just/needs help, and will impose trade embargos on aggressive/bad nations.

Let's see what else we can do for both internal and external plots!
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[personal profile] king_of_flames 2012-07-17 03:15 am (UTC)(link)
I'm still planning on apping Mitsuhide and having him take shelter here. I'm sure something can be done with that.
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Levin what the hell man
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it's all lies don't believe a word of it
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They're lucky they've got another heir.
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Make frands with the evil lord of rome?

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Levin will be, um, busy being a pain in the butt over Summer Court, but generally, he's helping with the rebuilding efforts in the places Luca steamrolled.

I need to find something new for him to do so if anyone from the states wants to build up more CR, let's go for it!
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If the States need anything magic related, researched, repaired or constructed, the Arcaniss Institute is available for work for a fair price and pretty close by no less.