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Plotting grab-bag.

Welp. I've. I'm not gonna lie; I've been neglecting the game. I really don't even know how I passed the AC, tbh.

I had something pretty serious happen, and...Well I don't want to talk about it really. Anyway, I can focus on the game now. I really need something to take my mind off things.


He's. I dunno. He's a criminal now technically. This unfortunate really cuts him out of the political arena in a permanent way unless he somehow winds up with a Kingdom to his name. I'm probably going to have him hunt for Klarth and stick like glue, and probably look for more summons.

As for inter-personal things. I guess him and Chizuko are going to have a correspondence...thing. It won't be super easy, but if anyone wants to recognize Red as "Lord DeRouge" when he's wandering around that's fine, but remember he was completely done up in nobleman finery and will now be in the decidedly less finery of a homeless Summoner.


This is sadly one of the larger reasons I wanted to make a plot post. Does anyone want to get attacked by a demon? It's not going to be injury-free though, I'll say that now because he's going to be after your character for their soul to eat. Yuugao may want Celia to "catch" him in the act so if you have a character that might not be able to fend off a demon so well, there's that route if you want to sign up.

This is going to be a failed attempt obviously...unless you really want your character's soul eaten; please note that if you do this, a God or Goddess is likely going to have to pull the soul out of his stomach, so let's avoid this route unless you're really really sure. Also, if you want to look things up on him, he predates Belka, and was mostly dormant during it's time other than one occurrence I'm going to say. He's going to be hard to pin down because unless he's summoned he can't directly interact with the world. He's also in possession of a magic-enhancing artifact he might have stolen from a God waaaaaaaaaay long ago, so if anyone wants to be the victim of said theft, I'm cool with this. I'm also okay with plotting if Lucifer and/or Hades wants to get him back on his leash and working for them instead of doing his own thing. Chat with me if you want to know more.


He doesn't have a lot going on. I need to touch base with Yuugao and LA on things for Anise, Arietta, and Sync to do. Also. Mister, get with me if you're still in the game; Luc and Sync have to talk.

Since he's been studying hard all this time, I think he's ready for some freelance things, so if you want some spying done, or someone beaten up or something. I'm thinking about having him having posted something anonymous to a few signboards in Imperial City with instructions on how to list a job you want done and how to meet with him to discuss payment. Anyone might be interested in this?


I know you all were eager for something from him when he first popped up in the test-drive meme.

I really hope your enthusiasm isn't dampened just because it turned out to be me that was writing for him.


Summer Court is the right time for him to finally make an appearance. It's big, it's public, and everyone's focus is on Imperial City; making it the right place to him to get his message out among the nobility as well as the common man. I'm thinking about one audio only post with him talking at one of his rallys, then later another post where you can listen to another and/or be there physically. Depending how people respond to him, there's going to be at least one NPC or two that have their magic taken away permanently to prove he's serious business. This will also be a good time to contact him if you want to work for him, or help him make something to stop artifacts either temporarily or "permanently".

If you plan on fighting him though, I'm not going to even consider it unless you fill out his permissions post; I need to know if he can block your chi, and if you can't give me permission for that, he kinda loses his intimidation factor(Garvi, you're excused from having to fill it out for obvious reasons). Please note if you're nervous about filling out the permissions; it doesn't have to be the permanent kind, it can just be standard chi-blocking used by Ty Lee and later his minions in Legend of Korra!

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