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Incident plotting

So now that I'm here, after Summer Court ends and I've had a chance to do a proper Crystal intro with Kanako, I'm thinking of kicking things off with a nice simple Incident plot! What I was thinking was picking a province (or chunk of a province) off the map and covering it with an endless rainstorm until Kanako is defeated. It'd give people in the area something to talk about, give a handful of people a chance to fight a god, and end with some CR and a lot of people getting drunk and a record-breaking late harvest.

Who all would be interested in getting in on the godfight climax? Kanako generally works better for fighting magic-users, but physical fighters can work into it well so long as they can fly or otherwise attack from a distance.

Also, would anyone like to be on Kanako's side for this event?! Sync sounded interested in Kanako's religion, we could probably arrange a conversion between now and then. It'd make things more interesting.

Also, any volunteers for a province to rain on?

Also, who's just generally up for some CR plotting? I've only got one character, so I'm open to all sorts of things. Let's plot!
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Why do goddesses keep trolling us anyway?
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Also I have a spellcaster here who might want to get in on this fight
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Kusuha is pretty ??? on her religious faith and this seems like as good a time as any to play that out.
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I'm up for some CR plots~!
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In truth? I have no idea! ^^'

Maybe something that would get him on her side perhaps? :/
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Hm...ambition is what mostly motivates him. He is very interested in economics and military endeavors. And pretty much wants to become powerful via market control. So...perhaps the sudden rise in crops and alcohol purchases might attract his attention?
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Sup, here's an angry atheist who is inadvertently the champion of the god of humanity.

Time to hurl more than brickbats.

I believe one of the Roman provinces is a farmland and I will gladly volunteer it for this.
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mostly just him~

But he is the ruler after all.

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Yeah, it will really make for an amusing moment. I think Loken is going to be spending a lot of time dealing with gods popping up in his backyard and annoying him.

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One day Eiki is going to have to have a talk with all the gods about what is appropriate and what isn't.
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I'd like to suggest that someone hire the Arcaniss Institute to aid in this.
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Still just Abby and Celena.
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Nepos hangs out there every once in a while.