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Kanako Yasaka ([personal profile] grave_of_being) wrote in [community profile] imperial_plots2012-07-23 10:31 am

Incident plotting

So now that I'm here, after Summer Court ends and I've had a chance to do a proper Crystal intro with Kanako, I'm thinking of kicking things off with a nice simple Incident plot! What I was thinking was picking a province (or chunk of a province) off the map and covering it with an endless rainstorm until Kanako is defeated. It'd give people in the area something to talk about, give a handful of people a chance to fight a god, and end with some CR and a lot of people getting drunk and a record-breaking late harvest.

Who all would be interested in getting in on the godfight climax? Kanako generally works better for fighting magic-users, but physical fighters can work into it well so long as they can fly or otherwise attack from a distance.

Also, would anyone like to be on Kanako's side for this event?! Sync sounded interested in Kanako's religion, we could probably arrange a conversion between now and then. It'd make things more interesting.

Also, any volunteers for a province to rain on?

Also, who's just generally up for some CR plotting? I've only got one character, so I'm open to all sorts of things. Let's plot!

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