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Tentative character consideration

So I've been itching to give this character a shot, and I also think it might be interesting to stick him into Imperial Saga. Unfortunately, his background requires a lot of AU shenaniganry, and the addition of an entirely new group.

To start things off there would be +anima, who would be basically a middle ground between humans and beastmen. In the simplest terms, they're humans who, due to distressing situations as a child, subconsciously called out to the spirits of nearby animals to grant them the powers required to survive the situation. As with any kind of animal-likeness, they aren't too well liked, and due to most of them hiding themselves they aren't very well understood to boot. People in hick towns probably haven't heard of them, and those who have are generally under the impression that they're monsters. Very few people at all even have an idea how they come about in the first place.

Which brings me to Husky here. In canon, he's a prince of a country where, by law, any +anima must be someone's slave. Obviously it's not necessary for that exact law to match in the AU, but at the very least being a +anima would need to be a Bad Thing, because that's what causes him to run/swim away from home once he becomes one.

So basically what I need here is a country that fits the following criteria:
-Willing to have a young prince/noble (I'm happy to roll with either) "die" mysteriously, with no corpse found.
-Also be a place unfriendly to +anima.
-Preferably a place connected to the ocean or a river because he needs to have "drowned" to get his power in the first place, and also it's a wonderful way to ditch the country when you're trying to go incognito.

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