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Incoming plot stuff

I can't be too specific for VARIOUS AND SUNDRY REASONS, but I'd like to know if players would be interested in a large and rather nasty engagement with Rift creatures that will be laying waste to some sections of the Riftguard nations and those around it.

Anyway this is basically just an initial heads up I want to know who would be down, either to play Rift bads, fight rift bads, and be possibly thumped/defeated/driven away by powerful rift bads.
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You know I'm down.

With mod permission, depending on timing, I would also be down for NPCing the bastards. Might even have Char end up in a fighting retreat. He's been way too successful so far compared to canon.
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Roswell will assist Zeon in whatever happens. Levin will be happy to fight as well.
If I have free time when you're doing this, I'd be willing to NPC, too.