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Zeon party post

In the interest of "I don't have an easy way to contact everyone", I'm making a post here to ask who in Zeon wants to be given promotions under the new Influence system. I figure I'll put Celes back up to Rank 3 and Souji back up to Rank 2 where they were before, but if your name is Cecil, Georik, Jeanne, Roswell, or Sara, reply here if you want to be above rank 1 since I can do that now.

Also willing to take suggestions on buying new unclaimed territory or saving up to buy stuff overseas as soon as we can get there.

Also general party post since it's Void's bachelor party IRL tonight.
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yeah, sure if no one else wants it.
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This is a reply. My apologies, I was at the fair last night.


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I'll take whatever you feel like handing out!
As for new territory, I vote we claim any new islands as soon as they appear.