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Mitchell Dominic ([personal profile] idkworldruler) wrote in [community profile] imperial_plots2012-08-04 11:01 pm

New ideas + questions

Alrighty, because I wasn't certain if these ideas were something I should take up with the mods first or not, I decided to make a post here.

With the expansion Eastward, I am obviously very much interested in having Mitchell potentially sending out an expedition/ being a part of an expedition into the new lands. His main intentions for doing so would be for both the adventure, potential glory as well as the ability to start making a monopoly on trade within the new regions. Thus bringing him and the Company more riches and renown, and possibly starting up a few colonies. Maybe even start up his own fleet of ships to fight against pirates, ala, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Speaking of monopolies, I was also very much interested in him attempting to pull off a gigantic form of Rockefeller in the Empire as well. Essentially attempting to overtake the whole of the Empire's markets through a full-on economic war. Challenging, not only the people who make money off of the market, but also, possibly, the kingdoms themselves.

So, my main question is this. Would anyone be interested in these potential adventures. Of course for the expedition you don't have to have your character to join the Company, though I would definitely encourage it, as it would help him form it into a full-fledged faction. :3

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