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Bill's makin a villain! Now we talk CR.

So I'm thinking about bringing in Thanquol the Grey seer from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle novels Gotrek and Felix, and late of his own novel series as well.

He's a twitchy, insane little sorcerer who is a bit of Starscream and Cobra commander rolled into a hairy ratman package.

I'm going to have him be in the newly-proposed mountain kingdom and generally come out to wreak havoc, feud with humans and humanoids and steal from them from time to time. He'll probably also be on Team evil with Redcloak and Xykon.

Did I mention I'm looking for a nemesis for him? He needs someone who always foils his plans and kills his rat-ogre bodyguard Boneripper (Last count he was on his 13th boneripper).

Basically Thanquol will be obsessed with taking the hero character out, and will try to assasinate him, generally during situations where it ends up of net benefit to the Hero, like when he's fighting other badguys and then suddenly ratmen kill the hero's other foes allowing him to stomp the rather physically weak ratmen and roll out. Or he'll poison all the other assasins coming after the hero, etc, etc.

He's a bit like Dr. Doom in the sense that he's an enormously effective villain but whenever the Hero is around he gets deranged and fails.
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This...sounds like a lot of fun.
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Nemesis? How about Link?