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New world plotting

This is Eric with a potential third and I had some thoughts about stuff to go in the New World that I wanted to share.

In my idea the new world (Or at least part of it) is ruled by a loose confederation of various sentient species known as the Benevolent Satrapy. Humans are one of them, but they are VERY much a minor voice and are are generally very oppressed and second class citizens. The humans here are descendants of Belkan Colonies from before the empire collapsed, and they carried on for a good long time before being "pacified" by the Satrapy. The Satrapy is ruled from behind the scenes by the Satraps themselves, massive creatures looking more or less like landbound trilobites that are masters of mind control magic and live to control and limit the development of sentient life. I think they might make good shadow villains for the Dagarians.

Which brings me to this guy here: Pepper. One of the descendents of the Belkan colonies, he received similar biological and magical upgrades to Garviel and the other space marines, but was a privateer who went around supporting human interests in the Satrapy for personal profit. When the colonies were finally fully absorbed into the Satrapy, Pepper sacrificed his ship to sink some Satrap ships and give more refugees time to escape, but in doing so stranded himself on a tiny island somewhere. His upgrades make him essentially immortal, so he's spent the last two hundred years or so tooling around on this tiny spit of land waiting for rescue.

EDIT: It would also be totally IC for the Satraps to have done everything they could to make it hard to cross the ocean to the New World after they found out that there are millions more humans across the sea, as they find humans FAR too dangerous to be left running around unchecked. Perhaps they taught the merfolk how to do their reef of blades shit. Is that still a thing?
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I like it! Maybe he will find his way to mainland dagaria by the recent roman expansion into the underwater city. I have to have hedge and I throw some darts at the map for where.
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That'll be awesome.
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oh wow yes that will freak him out.
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I'm going to voice some concern about turning this game into Space Marines: The RP. I definitely have no problems with a few plots here and there being connected, but making everything revolve around the Space Marine backstory makes me a little uncomfortable. I would ask that this be restricted to being a part of the New World as mentioned, so the rest of the new provinces have room for others who want to implement other ideas.
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Oh, I see; I mistook this as being part of the Warhammer canon as well, my mistake. I'd personally still prefer it unconnected, but I'm not playing the character. =P Feel free to do whatever!
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You needn't worry about that, my friend. :3 Especially with me bringing in skaven and dwarves and other things that are definitely not in 40k. (fantasy battle is a different universe with more scurvy and disease)
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Ooh, what's the canon he's from?

Whatever it is, if he's got Astartes modifications then Corax will be paying close attention to him.
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While I think this would be a workable idea for one country or island in the new world, I think it's not a good idea for the entirety of the new world to be ruled by one faction, especially not a scary, non-human one.

We've already had at least three plots involving scary invaders from beyond Dagaria. Much more and we'll lose focus on the kind of cloak and dagger intrigue that makes this game unique. Also it would cast the PCs as (relatively) good, against an evil, mostly or all NPC faction. IS has always struck me as a relatively morally complex and grey game and that's one thing I like about it and want to keep.
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I'd be willing to NPC some very alien crustacean types. Let me check my old rifts books for the Murex pictures.

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I wouldn't worry too hard about that old boy, :3 Did you see the latest plotting post for the mountain kingdom that the new player is intending to bring in? There is a lot of moral grayness, particularly in Amestris, Sawa, and to a degree in Rome, with Britain being kinda painfully pure (Which is coolish in a way), and with Zeon having a very interesting anarchist ruler.

I was thinking it would be just part of the new world, as a mod.
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Everyone voiced any concerns I might have had already and it looks like they've been acknowledged, so how about that plot itself.

Would the Satraps (as villains/an NPC kingdom) be people you could brief the mods on or would one of us probably need to pick up the books? They sound like fairly basic examples of the apparently-benevolent-but-not-really psychic monster villain archetype, so the questions I have would mainly be spoilery details and/or am I completely wrong about that description.

Also would Pepper here want to be independent/his own faction or work with whatever Dagarians picked him up off of his island? Also, why not strap sea turtles to his feet and just escape that way?
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I saw some shit at UGA let me tell you

All sounds workable. Do the Satraps have individual personalities such that they would be hypothetically appable, or are they more force of naturey? Also would they be replaceable with something similar from another canon like, I don't know, that one guy from the Foundation novels or Reapers or something?
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I like keeping my psychic crossover options open.