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So, who's rich and wants to get stolen from? The Daughter Of Twenty Faces is setting out to claim her dad's status as a legendary thief and to do that she needs victims.

Also, Amestris people, let's decide when they're gonna use and what the nature is of the WMD she gave the location of to Rip.
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Just a suggestion for Void here, but using a superweapon would be a great way to kick off or escalate the conflict we've got in the works.

And while I'm here, Char is my only character with any kind of fluid finances, but he's kind of known for spending it on his people (and his army), so I'm not sure if he's a fitting target or not.
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Oh that's good to hear. Char's going to need to get strategic weapons from somewhere later, after all.

And last time I checked, I think it's going to be Amestris and I believe a politically-strongarmed Rome on one side vs. Sawa and Zeon on the other (Char's sticking to his promised alliance because he hates Amestris and likes Light). I'm not sure where the other nations have shaken out yet, but I'm looking forward to it.