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Another potential player feeling out a character

So, hi. My name's Stareyes (or Rebecca) and I think I know a few people here (judging from my Plurklist). I'm thinking of joining IS and I'm toying with apping Miles Vorkosigan from Lois Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga. I may be slightly insane, but I've playing him a bit before.

Problem is, I haven't played in an AU game for ages, so I want to kind of talk to someone about Miles's backstory. And heck, what role he should be: in canon, he's a retired Intelligence Operative who mostly was undercover as a mercenary Admiral, but moves on to what's essentially a special investigator and occasional diplomat who can invoke the Emperor's authority to solve problems (anything from 'something expensive blew up, who did it?' to 'soldier gone AWOL with a girl he just met is causing an International Incident' to 'nobleman has created hundreds of in vitro daughters to draw more men to his district in a few decades, and technically he didn't break the law because the law is outdated'). Magistrate might be the best fit, though Miles does do a side of diplomacy when called to it.

* Family/Background: In canon, the Vorkosigans are nobles on the planet Barrayar, a formerly-lost colony planet that spent centuries regressed into feudalism before they were rediscovered and invaded (in Miles's grandfather's day). They fought off the invaders and a little extra. So you have Miles growing up in a society that's somewhat old-fashioned and VERY militaristic, especially given Miles's mother is from off-planet and exposing him to ideas like democracy and women's rights. Miles's father and grandfather, mind you, both were military men who went into politics as was their duty.

The old-fashioned bit doesn't need to transfer to IS (besides Miles's mom being from a more egalitarian and feminist place -- I'm leaving the details blank there in hopes we someday get a Cordelia) but militaristic means I favor having Miles being from Zeon (or possibly Amestris). Which means clearing Miles's backstory with whoever keeps history.

* So, the short summary of Miles's life was that he was born disabled (dwarfism and fragile bones and all kinds of trouble) and put up with a lot of shit even when his parents sheltered him as best they could. After he failed admission to officer training, his mother sends him on vacation to calm him down and he ends up becoming owner and leader of a mercenary fleet. Mostly by accident. Quick thinking (and dumb luck) keeps Miles from being executed for treason for owning that much firepower, and eventually the Emperor and Military Intelligence decide the only way they can keep Miles out of trouble (and use his gift for getting out of the shit he steps in and usually bringing up gold coins when he does) is to assign him there... nominally as a courier, but really using 'his' mercenary fleet and alter-ego as a way of running black ops that can't be tied to a specific government.

This lasts until Miles gets seriously injured (in setting, he was effectively mortally wounded and frozen so his brain would stay alive until they fixed his body) and medically discharged. And, because Miles gets into shit on a regular basis, ends up almost immediately getting appointed as an investigator (Imperial Auditor -- he notes the job description is 'whatever the Emperor says it is') for the crown when his boss comes down with a suspicious illness. Hence, more adventures.

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