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Herein contains the tale of a young lady
and her quest to gather the seven constellations of Genbu together.
And if you, the esteemed reader, should read to the story's end,
the spell contained within this book shall bestow upon you the powers of the heroine,
and grant you your wish.....

Sound familiar? No?

Okay, for anyone who isn't familiar with Fushigi Yugi, here is a short synopsis:
In a world vaguely analogous to ancient China, the landscape is dominated by four large countries. Each of these countries has an old legend promising that when the country is on the brink of ruin and disaster, a mysterious girl from another world will be chosen to be the priestess of that country's guardian god. Together with the seven celestial warriors, also chosen by that god and granted powers to protect the priestess, she will summon the god and be granted the power to save the country from whatever crisis was plaguing it.
Naturally, it doesn't work out to be nearly that easy for any of the priestesses. But you get the idea.

To perform the summoning, the priestess needs all seven of her warriors and the summoning scroll. (There are a few ways to sort of cheat around this if you have to though.) If successful, the god will descend and the priestess will be granted three wishes. (And then promptly eaten because she was intended as a sacrifice anyway. But most people don't know about that part of the legend.)

The celestial warriors are chosen by the god rather than the priestess, and are each marked with a symbol that appears as a small tattoo somewhere on thier bodies. They are also typically granted powers, but this is clearly not always the case. (Seriously, what did Hotohori even do? And Chiriko's power was just to be smart or something?) It's also worth noting that celestial warriors do not necessarily have to be from the country the god presides over, thought they usually are. They also don't have to be human. Takiko has a sentient rock. Seriously. A rock.

But I am really bad at explaining things. So here are some links for anyone who wants more in depth information:

Anyway, what I wanted to do was bring in the priestess of Genbu from this series. The general plan is for the legend to be some kind of obscure thing that only history scholars and bookworms have even heard of.
I want to try to shoehorn this into an existing nation, and I'm open to suggestions. Almost any nation could work, it just needs to be facing some kind of problem or crisis. Anything from oppressive tyrannical governments to impending wars. Really whatever threat you can think of would work.

Naturally I also need volunteers to be celestial warriors. Again, almost anything goes. And since the warriors are actually chosen by the god, there's no need for an IC reason to get involved. Also, for those who want a smaller level of involvement, it's easy enough to say that their character was just one of the last ones the priestess was able to find.

ICly speaking, the warriors would suddenly find the marks appearing on their bodies when the priestess arrives/is chosen/whatever. They'd be free to ignore it, ask around, etc. Some digging would probably uncover the legend itself, which would be enlightening to say the least.
I have also heard that the mystic moon is going to be a thing soon, so there is actually the possibility of the priestess coming from another world. But we'll see how that goes. I'd be fine with working out a way for her to be from the in game world.

For the record, the way the ceremony is supposed to go involves the priestess being sacrificed to the god after receiving her wishes. So this is clearly a plot with a distinctive beginning, middle, and end. But again, we'll see how that goes.

And I'd also be pleased to have volunteers to oppose the summoning. Imagine that you finjd out an enemy country is about to be handed three wishes. Does that sound like a good thing to you?
Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'm really just putting this up to gauge interest. So let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

EDIT: Okay, so after some planning both here and plurkside, a few more details have been hammered out.

First, the country in question will be Amestris, with the crisis the god is trying to circumvent being their current leadership.

Which some of you may have noticed is a teensy bit corrupt.

The Priestess herself will be from the mystic moon, which is apparently about to become a thing.

I still need to find volunteers to be my celestial seven. They do not have to be from Amestris. I'm sure there are people both in and out of that country who might have an interest in opposing the current regime.

Anywho, I just thought some additional info might help people make decisions about whether they want to be involved.
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On the last deity plot post, we forwarded the idea of a secluded location in the Crystal World for the Gods to have a neutral meeting ground. It seemed to be received unanimously as a good idea so I think we should go ahead with it.

1. It's in the Crystal World.
2. Shikieiki's player has kindly volunteered Eiki to enforce the neutrality of the area and the rules that will be set.

1. How shall we make this place?
2. What should exist in this place?
3. What rules should be observed?
4. If someone decides to break a rule, what should the punishment be?

If there is anything else we need to decide, point it out here and I'll add it. For everything else, LET US DISCUSS.
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Hey guys, DL/Wighty here!

A few things - First, as a prelude, a while back, we had a request for more information on the gods in general. I've written up a short information post about Viridi and ran it by the mods, including her powers, duties, and timeline in Dagaria. It definitely gets confusing trying to keep track of all of different AUs smushed together into one pantheon, so I thought this would be helpful as we finish up Viridi's plot arc. Please be warned that there are spoilers for Kid Icarus: Uprising in the document! And also spoilers for a future player plot, potentially. I have placed this section in white text. If you play another deity and this information conflicts somehow with your headcanon for your own deity, let me know and we can hash something out. I tried to leave it very general.

The information post is here.

Secondly, it's time to wrap up the Reset Bomb plot! Everyone who is interested, please let me know your AIM availability and preferences for the next week or two! I should be available every night from 7 to 12EST. This will entail boarding an airship to a floating island in the sky and destroying it. After this, Viridi will hopefully receive some reassurance that humanity can change and she will lay low. I may put her on hiatus for a bit.

Thanks for your time!
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Hello, my name is Ruri. I'm thinking of bringing in two different characters... Eike Kusch from Shadow of Destiny and Goro Majima from Yakuza series.

First, Eike. For those who don't know the canon, he is an extremely nice, patient, and overall passive individual. What I mean by passive is that he does not ever lift a hand to ever defend himself from being killed (which happens to him a lot). He is very forgiving of everyone (forgave the people who were killing him in canon), and generally can be summed up as being a "nice guy." Honestly, he likes everyone. Regardless if they are absolutely terrible to him, he will think positively about them (though, he might be a little upset about their behavior).

Second, Majima. He is the high-ranking lieutenant of the Tojo Family, and commands his own family. He owns his own construction business that is actually legit. Extremely quirky, but best described as an attack-dog (hence the username). He is not some out-of-control lunatic part of the Tojo Family, but actually like a hellish force that is unleashed on enemies. Yes, he wants to constantly run amok, but he admits that he has obligations and responsibilities that he adheres to completely. He is someone who only listens to "strong" people -- those that can beat him in a fight. And if they beat him, they don't even have to be part of the faction/situation that they want Majima to be part of, they can just command him to do whatever. Or, they can ask for information that only he can provide, which he also won't give for free unless the person beats them. ... He really likes to fight.

And so, I ask for help?

EDIT; Eike would work best as a Baronet and part of the Nameless States, while Majima would work best as a General and part of Rome. So I guess what is left is if anyone wants to figure out any plotting before I start writing the application?
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Let's get this done before Summer Court!

Courtesy of Garviel, a significant number of PCs have been gathered together in one place.  These include:
Georik Zaberisk, physician of Zeon and an expert in naturalistic medicine and healing.
Klarth F. Lester, Summoner attempting to extract and apply Gnome's Dispel, a technique that can cure all Ailments.
Korra, Avatar-in-training who happens to be an expert in Waterbending-based healing.
Celena Vantari, representative of the new Arcaniss Institute along with her NPC assistants who utilize arcane magic-based healing.

We also have Welkin Gunther, Animal Sociologist who provided the information that the plague is bacterial and originally transmitted into humans through a rodent vector.

If anyone else had characters investigating the plague or otherwise interested in being involved, feel free to join the plotting below as well.

Klarth, as said above, has been working with Gnome to 'extract and control the mana streams associated with the casting of Dispel' into a form that he can work with.  Ignore the magibabble.  The important thing is that he will eventually succeed in binding the power of Dispel into written form, manifesting as a lengthy incantation that practically takes up a whole book.  Gnome will, for whatever reason, insist on calling this new text 'Gnome's Flipout'.

With the creation of Gnome's Flipout, it will be possible for any accomplished mage to cast Dispel, a powerful earth mana spell that can cure any ailment.  Klarth cannot cast magic on his own; someone else will need to do the honors.  However, here are some of the difficulties that may remain:
-It isn't long-range enough to cover everyone that's been affected.  If the spell cannot be made long-range, it may need to be cast and applied through a vector, something like a viral vector. In fantasy terms, its essence may be infused into a potion that can be reproduced.
-It would create an imbalance in earth mana that would require a strong counter stabilizing water-based force to succeed in optimal performance.  I'm kinda making this up on the fly because healing in Klarth's canon is always water-based and it seems to match well with Korra's healing technique.
-Patients may require follow-up treatment.
-Patients may remain infectious even after treatment.
-Patients may relapse due to a small contingent of bacteria remaining in their systems.

And many others!  These are just ideas I'm tossing around if people think their characters may be able to contribute by solving these problems.
If you have any ideas for a cure of your own or some other way your character can contribute, feel free!  The Dispel method may not be the best method, either.

In any case, I think it would be good to throw up a Plague Cure log at some point and have all of us interact IC and toss around more magibabble, etc.  What do you all think?
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Viridi has made her first act of aggression, and it won't be the last.  From now until the end of this player plot, if it suits your needs, you are welcome to assume that another bomb has been dropped wherever.  Viridi will, however, be making an effort to avoid rural areas and concentrate on places that are committing especially egregious acts against nature.  Additionally, characters are welcome to spot something unusual in the sky, a floating island that wasn't there previously.  From ground distance, it will be extremely high up, but it's large enough that it may still be seen with the naked eye.

Officially, Viridi will be dropping one more bomb before her bomb depot is destroyed.  This will be in Zeon, to give Char more incentive to send his airships towards her Bomb Factory.  Depending on the character response, this bomb may or may not successfully detonate.  It would be cool to have it be destroyed mid-flight, but I don't know if any characters are capable of that.  If a god would like to step in and do the honors, feel free to do so when I throw up the post.

The final battle will be conducted either through log or by AIM.  I'd like to take a poll now - for people interested in participating, which do you prefer?

As a final note and some minor ret-conning, Viridi will ICly have made her presence known prior to the bomb drop, as she was called upon during Taryn's fight against the raiders for a divine intervention.  If your character was involved in that battle, they will recognize her from that incident (hasn't been logged yet, but likely will be soon).

Alright, thanks for your time!
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Chris here! I'm looking to app Akechi Mitsuhide from Pokémon Conquest here. He used to be Nobunaga's right-hand man, until he betrayed him -- which was what led to Nobunaga's disappearance. I figure that Mitsuhide likewise disappeared after Nobunaga did, and now that Nobunaga has reemerged on the imperial stage (no pun intended), it's time for Mitsuhide to get to work again. A few things to take care of:

-Mitsuhide will have needed a place to go into hiding. The Nameless States might be his best bet, but if anyone would like to suggest an alternative, I would gladly hear it.
-Mitsuhide isn't foolish enough to believe he can challenge Nobunaga on his own, especially now that he has regained control of Sawa. Would anyone be interested in joining a faction dedicated to bringing him down and putting a more peaceful ruler in charge?
-Fellow Sengoku-era players, is there anything else we should hammer out?
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Hi all, new player here! I'm Sylvar and I to you a potential character to plot and throw ideas at. A few details need to yet be worked out for her but hopefully shouldn't be too difficult.

That character would would Celena Vantari, a dragon of many talents and a curiosity to match. She's a skilled artificer and will be seeing to constructing, analysing new tech/magic and developing all new ways of use. Beneath all the curiosity and interest in all things Celena is a skilled spy, having spent many years in different guises(appearing as a human female), wandering from Kingdom to Kingdom and learning much of their ways. In cases infiltrating minor courts and influencing minor things here and there.

If any Kingdom or faction is interested in having had her particular presence in something in the past feel free to let me know, for the most part it would have been something minor and seemingly inconsequential so can be handwaved for the most part. If any individuals particularly those involved in manners of court but not limited to is interested in having met her in another guise it could prove for interesting points. Given her information gathering skills I would also be interested in particular information that she might be allowed to have gathered in her time.

On another note, Celena will be forming a new faction with another character that is going to be apped alongside her, Aibghalien, who shall be leading the faction. The faction in question is to be known as the Arcaniss Initiative and will (hopefully) be based in the flying city of Dalaran in the Jergeth province. The goal of the faction is to strive forward in the fields of magical research and development, to both study existing and discovered sources of magic and to develop new uses.

If anyone has any magic users would be interested in such a faction let us know!

Also as something random, in gathering all the information I could on Imperial Saga and the world I ended up whipping up a political map for my own use to get an idea of where all the factions are, hadn't seen one around but here it is if it would be of use to anyone! (Also feel free to correct it if it's wrong >.>)
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Why hello there, Imperial Saga. My name is Gaa, and I am new! Hey, did you just get a new haircut? It looks fabulous.

And do you know what else is fabulous? Ranmaru Mori, page of Nobunaga Oda and his Loyal As Hell Wakashū. He's rather coming from Pokemon Conquest or (slightly more likely) Samurai Warriors canon, and will be gracing Sawa with his blade pokemon summons? BEAUTY.

I've never really considered a game like IS before, but Ranmaru is sort of in a position to hold a lot of power (unwittingly) in Sawa, and thus the world at large- so I am trying to garner some interest for him, and any plots/ideas/whatever people might have.

I'd be more coherent but it's late and I am sleepy. Come at me, broseph(ina)(s)?
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Looking over the Awen kingdom roster, I've noticed that we don't have any magistrates as members.

This is a role I would very much like to have filled for Awen if anyone is interested in bringing in a new magistrate character that would fit in Awen given how disputes there can be settled in challenges, some of which may end in death (which, by Awen law, is legal if it occurs in a formal challenge in the presence of either the magistrate or the ruler). The character doesn't have to be a beastman. They could be human or fae or anything not corrupted by the Rift. If anyone has any questions or idea they want to bounce, let me know!
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"The name's Wily... The one and only, the brilliant scientist, Dr. Albert Wily! It may seem rather sudden to you, but I've decided I'd like to take over the world! Hahah! Hahahahaha!"

Greetings, Imperial Saga folk - fancy seeing you lot again. It is Wingus, former Xellos player, and considering a potential return. Looking to gauge some interest in having one mad scientist and robot-creator around - ideally as part of his own faction, and offering mechanical minions to bolster an army's ranks to the highest bidders! (Said money will go to furthering his research, so that he can make his own bid at world domination - he is Dr. Wily, after all.)

So, are there any kingdoms that would be interested in having this guy around?
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So hey, it's AOB again! I know I posted as Adachi, but agh, now I have somebody else I want to app in. So yes, this man is named Hades. Yes, like that Hades, the Lord of the Underworld Hades. Similarly like that Hades, rather than being grim and quiet, he's kinda outright evil. Since the Netherworld is already ruled by Izanami, I figure that Hades can be the ruler of Hell instead. ... although, I wouldn't mind if he was a part of the Netherworld at some point. But anyway.

The rp established that a Lucifer exists inside Shini's Georik. Lucifer is the rightful Lord of Hell, but well... you can't do much ruling as an empty husk.

As the ruler of Hell, his dominion is over the souls of the damned and the more souls that are damned, the better. He'll maintain a fairly passive role for a while, mostly helping push conflict in directions that involve the most casualties. What that means is that he'd be happy to invest a fair portion of his infernal troops to anything he finds promising. That, and attempting to shift the power balance among gods to his side. By virtue of having his domain still be relevant to the Crystal King's teachings, he has a fair amount of strength saved since the Old Religion purges. He's also willing to help heroes if his interests are on the line.

So yes. Any room for another god in this pantheon of ours?


Jun. 23rd, 2012 07:09 pm
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So I was thinking, just because I realized we have a fair amount of deities and deity type people that this might make some sense. But what would people think of a basic "ethics" or rules or some king of simple law structure for the gods? Nothing too complex but just some things they are expected not to do, or to do depending on situations and such, either involving the world, mortals, or each other.

Or hell, just maybe more of an idea of how they all interact and relate just a little better. Anyone interested?

And yes this mostly came to mind because I play miss hall monitor Eiki here. orz
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Sup, IS people! I may or may not bring in Yamato, once I finish the rest of this application and smooth the details out.

He's Yamato Hotsuin, Chief of JP's in canon. For the game, he'll just be the head of the Hotsuin Clan (officially) and secretly the Chief of SP's or Sawan Meteorological Agency, Geomagnetism Research Department (tentative name). Basically, he'd be the leader of a secret organisation to protect Sawa from the supernatural. no matter what

What I'd like to know if anyone's up to know about him as that young clan head or even know about SP's and him? And other ideas?
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I kinda like this icon...

Well, the plot's still in action. At least, I'd definitely like to continue it regardless of Batman's drop. We can handwave his participation out. However, we still may have to wait for Suzaku since a big part of the train plot involves sort of the beginning of Lelouch and Suzaku's rivalry. So I'm afraid we'll have to wait a little longer until Equi comes back from hiatus.

However, people are free to just kinda tag each other around and get some CR. Again, I apologize for the delay, but I think we can still make it work if everyone's still on board. ... which I hope they are...
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I'm not even sure how it came to this.

So I'm thinking of bringing Tohru Adachi from Persona 4 into Imperial Saga. Back in his game, he's a city officer demoted and transferred to a post out in a small, country town. Despite that, he's a pretty nice guy. He's someone who's always positive and looking out for trouble like a good officer would. Oh, and he likes cabbages. Yep.

I'm not too sure which kingdom he could fit into, but I'd like it if he was at least once in the Imperial Guard. Or maybe he's still in the Imperial Guard, but his tasks are limited to, oh... town patrol. Always town patrol. In other kingdoms far away from the Imperial City. Maybe Eblan in particular.

... That being said, Adachi here would be something of a channeler. His body is host to a gods or a god that gives him power and subtly affects his actions. Most of what he does is of his own will. He has a certain connection to the Netherworld that would definitely have him be a part of the faction... not that he or anybody else would know.

But let's just say that when time comes, the man will be prone to trouble. Trouble.
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As the title says, this may be a thing. It probably is, given the reserve, but, details.

Anyway, some outlines I have for the character so far are;

Amon's chi-blocking in the game will work on everything, not just bending, since it restricts energy flow of all kinds.

We'll considering permanently sealing abilities when the story reveals a bit more how it works.

Also, given the setting there will likely be a need for engineers to work on ways to either permanently or temporarily render artifacts inert.

Finally. He needs a place of residence. I'm open for more, and for plot if you haz it.
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Hi! I'm planning of playing Avatar Korra for Imperial Saga!

I have a few ideas but maybe some of you could help me out a little or maybe pull me in a certain direction? I don't really know where she should be from but she will be traveling around trying to fix things the best she can because that's what she does. Great sense of justice and all~

The ideas I have so far go along the lines of:

-She's the Avatar, it's her job to bring Balance to the world.

-The Church probably isn't fond of her because she doesn't believe in their God.

-She's a master of Water, Earth and Fire bending magic. Just like the series I think I'll have her look for a Wind master to harass. It'll at least give her something to do in the beginning.

-The Avatar needs a posse, who wants to join? =D
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Hedge here, with a potential fourth character and (more importantly) potential new kingdom.

I speak of Armada, the floating pirate city. This has a lot of potential for characters to be leaders, as much like a regular city, Armada is divided into Ridings, which are much like New York City's boroughs. Each riding is governed differently and has its own character. They all meet to make city-wide decisions, like where to take the city next and who to raid. Player characters could lead their own ridings and participate in Armada's strange politics.

Later Armada gets lashed to a giant eldritch amoeba to make it go much faster. Yeah.
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Are you stoked about this battle? I am. And I have finally come up with an extensive battle strategy for this fight after many, many conversations with various other players involved. So, unless there are any last-minute changes, things I overlooked, this will be the plan Taryn has come up with.

First: This is the Chain of Command chart. It shows who is in which group, who is in command and what general affiliation each PC has. Taryn is sharing overall command with Arturia as their kingdoms are the major ones involved.

Second: Here is the tactics that will be used by wave and group.

Cut for length )


Now... Hopefully this will work. IF I MISSED ANYTHING, LET ME KNOW.
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