Jun. 12th, 2012

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I hope I'm doing this right. Smack me if I'm not.

Hello, I'm Berri and I'm hoping to join the RP! I've been thinking about who I'd like to bring for a first character and I've finally settled on Ren here from Elemental Gelade. If you're not familiar with her canon, most important things to know are that she's a deadpan pretty girl with a shiny rock on her head that lets her become a super awesome weapon. Yay-!
There are just a few things I'd like to ask first, before I finish her application.

1) Kingdom! I'm following Ren's canon, so she'll start the RP by being unsealed. I was wondering if anyone had a character that might either have buy/acquired a pretty girl dolly and then accidentally removed her sealing ribbons, in which case I'd put Ren in their Kingdom. Similarly, I'm just unsure as to what Kingdom is most likely to have a humanoid weapon hanging around for 500+ years. I'm really new here and don't want to make a mistake!

2) Secondly, I'm wondering if anyone would eventually want to have their character contract with Ren so she can become their weapon. I put some information on Edel Raids here in her journal. While I wouldn't have her form a contract right away, because Ren is stubborn, I'm wondering if that's a possibility for the future.

Okay! That's it! I'm sorry for being a stupid newbie ! Thanks a bunch if you can answer any of my questions. I hope that I can someday be playing with all of you.

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Are you stoked about this battle? I am. And I have finally come up with an extensive battle strategy for this fight after many, many conversations with various other players involved. So, unless there are any last-minute changes, things I overlooked, this will be the plan Taryn has come up with.

First: This is the Chain of Command chart. It shows who is in which group, who is in command and what general affiliation each PC has. Taryn is sharing overall command with Arturia as their kingdoms are the major ones involved.

Second: Here is the tactics that will be used by wave and group.

Cut for length )


Now... Hopefully this will work. IF I MISSED ANYTHING, LET ME KNOW.



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