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Should things get tricky or someone needs a really large hit, Arturia can use "ESKUKALLYBAA" with Caliburn too. It can get pretty nasty to defend against. It can only be used once without potential tarot/magic involved to rejuvenate her, so it's not something she would do lightly.

Arturia will also have Avalon in her possession for this fight in case there's a time constraint with Judgment tarot cards or some other large casualty that she feels must be avoided at all costs. It also can be used to give her enough time to prepare her main attack listed first.

Since she'll be using Invisible Wind when in the air, she won't be able to use it in case of a fall or to bolster her speed as seen often in battle with her. She'll be blowing it pretty early on to make a dent in the battle in their favor after all.

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