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Needs a home

Who wants a happy-go-lucky religious monk/priest/wizard to ask lots of questions and supply helpful magic where needed? I'm not sure which kingdom to join. The only kingdom I'm ruling out is Rome, as I have someone else I'm planning to send there.
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Don't know how suited he would be for Awen, but he and this hedgehog right here oughtta talk sometime.
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Not too sure if you're considering Factions, but there is the Arcaniss Institute in Dalaran. A faction dedicated to the study and development of magic and the arcane. Though they are run currently by a full-blood elf and a dragon, they allow anyone of any race or religion to study and work with them.

They aren't associated with any Kingdom however so I'm not too sure if that part would suit or not, just thought I'd offer it up either way.
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Both the teaching and study of magic is equally encouraged!

The institute is based in the Province of Jergeth on the flying city of Dalaran. A city of mages and scholars with many Academies now united under the Arcaniss Institute.

Though he'd hardly be restricted to Dalaran, the founders of the Institute encourage a learning by experience approach, so he and his students could easily travel and do work on behalf of the Institute for the different Kingdoms.

We're certainly open to ideas.
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Near three Kingdoms and the Capitol indeed. The Arcaniss institute control the province Dalaran's located in (Jergeth), directly to the north is Sawa, to the south is the Nameless States, east is Amestris and north east is Dagaria's capitol in Werrand.

On the other side of Werrand is Britain. Rapid transport to the other Kingdoms is quite easy by way of Waypoint, or via a mage with Teleport.
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Also, here's an up to date Faction/Kingdom map that I whipped up if it'd be useful to you at all.

I know I find it useful for a visual representation of the kingdoms.
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That's quite possible indeed.
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Hello there. While I'm uncertain if Britain has many religious members, Arturia herself here is very devout to her faith and I've been looking for someone she can trust in that aspect. If he would like to be a fill-in for Merlin, I know many of the Britain forces would appreciate him. Additionally, Britain is short of magic users and to my memory, has never had any individual speak of the church for them. Here is the current roster of Britains (excluding The Unicorn since I haven't received confirmation from them) if you're interested.
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That is the downside ultimately. While it is easy for a lot of fighters to app into Britain, we haven't managed to recruit anyone for religious purposes so there would be a suitable amount of freedom there. I understand the intimidation that comes with a large kingdom, so I don't mind otherwise. I just thought I would let you know that there was some personal interest from me. :D
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I understand completely. If anything, I'll come for you for cr regardless.