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When considering joining as a character, your first priority should be to get a post up on the plotting comm, [community profile] imperial_plots. Here, you can do some initial plotting with other players before applying. It's open to everybody, so feel free to use that to figure out where your character can fit in!

We have for your reference an Ongoing Plots page where players post which long-term plots are or will happen and a Current Events page to show you what happened so far in the course of our game.

Most characters in the game join a kingdom or faction based on their goals or setting. It's optional, but it can help your character fit into a role in the game a lot easily. Players are also encouraged to create their own kingdoms or factions. To create a kingdom, a player needs three other characters to join while a faction can consist of only one character.

Here's a list of the ones we have so far:

Established Kingdoms

Awen (Original): the kingdom of Beastmen
Amestris (Fullmetal Alchemist): the militaristic, police state
Britain (Fate/Stay Night): the feudal kingdom that puts emphasis on chivalry
Sawa (Sengoku era): the bureaucratic kingdom where merchants and courtiers have power over the military
The Nameless States (Suikoden): the neutral, desert kingdom
Rome (Fate/Extra): a budding democratic state, many of its leaders are traditionally fond of parties
Zeon (Gundam): an oligarchical, seaside kingdom

Prospective Kingdoms

Eblan (Final Fantasy IV): ruled by a clan of ninjas


The Church: main religious organization, not too friendly to other religions
Imperial Guard: the Empire's main army
Luna's Call: an organization fighting for Beastmen's cause
Millennium: Amestris-based, ultramilitaristic group that seeks war for war's sake
Sacred Order of Holy Knights: the Church's major taskforce against demons or heretics
Crusade Company: A group that promised to fight against the Rift and for mankind in general
Netherworld: those aligned with the Queen of the Dead
Team Evil: the name says it all
Order of the Black Knights: a Sawan group largely against Amestris or other dictatorships

The main goals of most kingdoms are to either secure power for themselves and handle/manipulate the Rift for their own devices. The source of the Rift is a meteor that fell hundreds of years ago, spreading a black fog that corrupted all life, degrading them into the Undead or Daemon. It can spawn life on its own without corrupting another life that already exists.

When joining a kingdom or faction, there are five ranks total you can choose from: commander (front line expertise), engineer (machinery expertise), courtiers (negotiators), magistrates (lawyers), and intelligence operatives (spies). There are three ranks total for each category, all with different powers, to choose from if you'd like:

Commander, Engineer: Major, Colonel, General

Courtier: Baronet, Viscount, Marquis

Magistrates: Magistrate, Chief Magistrate, Judge

Intelligence Operative: Agent, Operative, Master

The higher your rank, the larger your house is as well.

Each character when entering the game finds that they were given a Destiny Crystal, or communicator, in their dreams. The Destiny Crystal can grant one's mind access into an alternate world called the Crystal World, a realm where earth is made of blue crystal. Time moves slower inside. It can function as a place where a person can spend some extra time to think. Characters are also given three Tarot Cards that symbolize their past, present, and future from their dream.

While Imperial Saga is an AU, at minimum, you'll be playing them as if they were in their own world. There's no need to completely overhaul your character's background. The setting of Dagaria is like an amalgamation of canons and worlds. Just about anything can be integrated without issue.
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So, hi. My name's Stareyes (or Rebecca) and I think I know a few people here (judging from my Plurklist). I'm thinking of joining IS and I'm toying with apping Miles Vorkosigan from Lois Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga. I may be slightly insane, but I've playing him a bit before.

Problem is, I haven't played in an AU game for ages, so I want to kind of talk to someone about Miles's backstory. And heck, what role he should be: in canon, he's a retired Intelligence Operative who mostly was undercover as a mercenary Admiral, but moves on to what's essentially a special investigator and occasional diplomat who can invoke the Emperor's authority to solve problems (anything from 'something expensive blew up, who did it?' to 'soldier gone AWOL with a girl he just met is causing an International Incident' to 'nobleman has created hundreds of in vitro daughters to draw more men to his district in a few decades, and technically he didn't break the law because the law is outdated'). Magistrate might be the best fit, though Miles does do a side of diplomacy when called to it.

Some babbling and brainstorming. No canon knowledge required )
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So, who's rich and wants to get stolen from? The Daughter Of Twenty Faces is setting out to claim her dad's status as a legendary thief and to do that she needs victims.

Also, Amestris people, let's decide when they're gonna use and what the nature is of the WMD she gave the location of to Rip.
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This is Eric with a potential third and I had some thoughts about stuff to go in the New World that I wanted to share.

In my idea the new world (Or at least part of it) is ruled by a loose confederation of various sentient species known as the Benevolent Satrapy. Humans are one of them, but they are VERY much a minor voice and are are generally very oppressed and second class citizens. The humans here are descendants of Belkan Colonies from before the empire collapsed, and they carried on for a good long time before being "pacified" by the Satrapy. The Satrapy is ruled from behind the scenes by the Satraps themselves, massive creatures looking more or less like landbound trilobites that are masters of mind control magic and live to control and limit the development of sentient life. I think they might make good shadow villains for the Dagarians.

Which brings me to this guy here: Pepper. One of the descendents of the Belkan colonies, he received similar biological and magical upgrades to Garviel and the other space marines, but was a privateer who went around supporting human interests in the Satrapy for personal profit. When the colonies were finally fully absorbed into the Satrapy, Pepper sacrificed his ship to sink some Satrap ships and give more refugees time to escape, but in doing so stranded himself on a tiny island somewhere. His upgrades make him essentially immortal, so he's spent the last two hundred years or so tooling around on this tiny spit of land waiting for rescue.

EDIT: It would also be totally IC for the Satraps to have done everything they could to make it hard to cross the ocean to the New World after they found out that there are millions more humans across the sea, as they find humans FAR too dangerous to be left running around unchecked. Perhaps they taught the merfolk how to do their reef of blades shit. Is that still a thing?
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So I'm thinking about bringing in Thanquol the Grey seer from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle novels Gotrek and Felix, and late of his own novel series as well.

He's a twitchy, insane little sorcerer who is a bit of Starscream and Cobra commander rolled into a hairy ratman package.

I'm going to have him be in the newly-proposed mountain kingdom and generally come out to wreak havoc, feud with humans and humanoids and steal from them from time to time. He'll probably also be on Team evil with Redcloak and Xykon.

Did I mention I'm looking for a nemesis for him? He needs someone who always foils his plans and kills his rat-ogre bodyguard Boneripper (Last count he was on his 13th boneripper).

Basically Thanquol will be obsessed with taking the hero character out, and will try to assasinate him, generally during situations where it ends up of net benefit to the Hero, like when he's fighting other badguys and then suddenly ratmen kill the hero's other foes allowing him to stomp the rather physically weak ratmen and roll out. Or he'll poison all the other assasins coming after the hero, etc, etc.

He's a bit like Dr. Doom in the sense that he's an enormously effective villain but whenever the Hero is around he gets deranged and fails.
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I am a potential player, with a couple potential characters in mind (though this is not a journal for any of them; sorry to anyone who sees Liara and gets excited). More than a couple, maybe, but I can’t help but look at the map, read over the various factions, look at some of the characters we have, and say I want to be a part of the world, not just play a bit. I love the Civilization games as much as I love Neverwinter Nights and Skyrim, so this game is very appealing to me. And it does say post here to talk to the community to figure out fitting in, so...I hope this isn’t overwrought and presumptuous or something. Right.

”TL;DR )

Okay; quick summary for those who said tl;dr. I am asking if anyone is interested in a kingdom set into mountains a bit, populated by monsters (like trolls, goblins, and things like that), dwarves, and men. The old king, a wizard who was a tyrant for centuries, lies dead by his son’s hand after an honourable duel, and the kingdom, long removed from the politics of the land, stands poised to re-emerge as a player for the Imperial Throne.

Rebellion seems likely, and an untried King makes a wonderful target, especially for someone who wants to control him, like an advisor, a general, a bishop, or even a wife.

The future of the kingdom is entirely in the hands of anyone who wants to play in it; I set up the backstory, but the future is open. Dominated by the church; invaded by a neighbour; torn by a civil war caused by nobles, perhaps, loyal to the old king (or simply themselves, or by monsters who have decided they want to rule, instead; we’ll see who is interested in what and play it out from there?

Looking for a General, a Captain of the Guard, Nobles, perhaps a Magistrate from the Imperial City to advise the king, maybe a wife for the king, a lover for the king, the kingdom’s Archbishop, maybe even a Rebel-Faction leader to fight against the King and his troops? Anything else that I didn’t mention! Heck, I’d even be excited to get the Kingdom it’s own God; or at least it’s own Prophet. Can anyone say “Exalted March”?
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Alrighty, because I wasn't certain if these ideas were something I should take up with the mods first or not, I decided to make a post here.

With the expansion Eastward, I am obviously very much interested in having Mitchell potentially sending out an expedition/ being a part of an expedition into the new lands. His main intentions for doing so would be for both the adventure, potential glory as well as the ability to start making a monopoly on trade within the new regions. Thus bringing him and the Company more riches and renown, and possibly starting up a few colonies. Maybe even start up his own fleet of ships to fight against pirates, ala, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Speaking of monopolies, I was also very much interested in him attempting to pull off a gigantic form of Rockefeller in the Empire as well. Essentially attempting to overtake the whole of the Empire's markets through a full-on economic war. Challenging, not only the people who make money off of the market, but also, possibly, the kingdoms themselves.

So, my main question is this. Would anyone be interested in these potential adventures. Of course for the expedition you don't have to have your character to join the Company, though I would definitely encourage it, as it would help him form it into a full-fledged faction. :3
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In the interest of "I don't have an easy way to contact everyone", I'm making a post here to ask who in Zeon wants to be given promotions under the new Influence system. I figure I'll put Celes back up to Rank 3 and Souji back up to Rank 2 where they were before, but if your name is Cecil, Georik, Jeanne, Roswell, or Sara, reply here if you want to be above rank 1 since I can do that now.

Also willing to take suggestions on buying new unclaimed territory or saving up to buy stuff overseas as soon as we can get there.

Also general party post since it's Void's bachelor party IRL tonight.
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Hey everyone, my name's Michael, and I write a webcomic called Twice Blessed. Recently I've picked up the habit of playing the main character in LJRP's as a way of experimenting with his personality so that he seems more real in my writing.

ANYWAYS, I'm really interested in apping Cade to Imperial Saga.
Cade's canon, in brief summary, is that he was a bard who drew the attention of the goddess of luck,was blessed by her, and was unwittingly ordained as one of her paladins (much to chagrin of like, every other paladin ever). Because of her blessing, he has extraordinary luck that has given him the reputation of a hero of much greater skill than he really is, and he has kind of begun believing his own hype. He is at best an average swordsman and a dabbler in a wide variety of magic (being only really competent with healing magic), but he does have an impressive haul of magical equipment that has been mostly showered upon those who thought him a great hero. He has a tendency to bite off more than he can chew and to attract lots and lots of trouble.

I'm open to recommendations of what countries and factions to join, and really any sort of recommendation or discussion in general.
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I can't be too specific for VARIOUS AND SUNDRY REASONS, but I'd like to know if players would be interested in a large and rather nasty engagement with Rift creatures that will be laying waste to some sections of the Riftguard nations and those around it.

Anyway this is basically just an initial heads up I want to know who would be down, either to play Rift bads, fight rift bads, and be possibly thumped/defeated/driven away by powerful rift bads.
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So I've been itching to give this character a shot, and I also think it might be interesting to stick him into Imperial Saga. Unfortunately, his background requires a lot of AU shenaniganry, and the addition of an entirely new group.

To start things off there would be +anima, who would be basically a middle ground between humans and beastmen. In the simplest terms, they're humans who, due to distressing situations as a child, subconsciously called out to the spirits of nearby animals to grant them the powers required to survive the situation. As with any kind of animal-likeness, they aren't too well liked, and due to most of them hiding themselves they aren't very well understood to boot. People in hick towns probably haven't heard of them, and those who have are generally under the impression that they're monsters. Very few people at all even have an idea how they come about in the first place.

Which brings me to Husky here. In canon, he's a prince of a country where, by law, any +anima must be someone's slave. Obviously it's not necessary for that exact law to match in the AU, but at the very least being a +anima would need to be a Bad Thing, because that's what causes him to run/swim away from home once he becomes one.

So basically what I need here is a country that fits the following criteria:
-Willing to have a young prince/noble (I'm happy to roll with either) "die" mysteriously, with no corpse found.
-Also be a place unfriendly to +anima.
-Preferably a place connected to the ocean or a river because he needs to have "drowned" to get his power in the first place, and also it's a wonderful way to ditch the country when you're trying to go incognito.

Cast call

Jul. 23rd, 2012 07:32 pm
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Nerdo here.

While I'm tripping on nostalgia and playing the DS remake, is there anyone here who might seriously consider playing from Chrono Trigger? I have the urge to play from it, and IS here might be the best place to do so (especially for the 1000 AD kids), but I don't really want to Lone Canon Warrior it, if you understand how I feel, and I think trying to work in something like the plot could definitely be fun here (we already have a decadent ancient magical kingdom, a medieval period full of intrigue, and horrible space-invader meteors in our backstory, after all).

My feelings for this are just about 100% directionless, including which character I'd want to play in a cast, but my strongest inclinations are for Lucca (who needs nothing outside of a cast) or Marle (who could really use a monarchal parent of some kind to rebel against).

Anyone else interested?
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So now that I'm here, after Summer Court ends and I've had a chance to do a proper Crystal intro with Kanako, I'm thinking of kicking things off with a nice simple Incident plot! What I was thinking was picking a province (or chunk of a province) off the map and covering it with an endless rainstorm until Kanako is defeated. It'd give people in the area something to talk about, give a handful of people a chance to fight a god, and end with some CR and a lot of people getting drunk and a record-breaking late harvest.

Who all would be interested in getting in on the godfight climax? Kanako generally works better for fighting magic-users, but physical fighters can work into it well so long as they can fly or otherwise attack from a distance.

Also, would anyone like to be on Kanako's side for this event?! Sync sounded interested in Kanako's religion, we could probably arrange a conversion between now and then. It'd make things more interesting.

Also, any volunteers for a province to rain on?

Also, who's just generally up for some CR plotting? I've only got one character, so I'm open to all sorts of things. Let's plot!
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I have a simple question/request of anyone out there:

Is there anyone out there that may be dropping a character soon that needs/wants a way for them to die?

Because I have a young woman and a tree that both have the ability to essentially kill anything that's mortal/alive enough to be killed and...

... The young woman needs to be badly traumatized before spring.

Yes, I'm evil.

But anyway, I don't think you'll get much of an epic, dramatic, decent fight out of her - she's not a warrior and the Saigyou Ayakashi is a tree, so death just sort of comes all at once in one shot, usually, but we can work out something! They can come to her compound and die via tree or by attacking her or just... die by her being out on a lark with Yukari or whatever.

Realistically, it doesn't have to be right now, just any time between now and the spring, if you find yourself wanting to drop a character and have them dead, hit me up! You can respond here or I am Reslari on Plurk or whatever/however floats your boat for contacting.

Look at that ghost.

That ghost is amazing.

With your help that ghost can be a part of this game!
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Welp. I've. I'm not gonna lie; I've been neglecting the game. I really don't even know how I passed the AC, tbh.

I had something pretty serious happen, and...Well I don't want to talk about it really. Anyway, I can focus on the game now. I really need something to take my mind off things.

tl;dr plots. Also kind of a run-through of what I'm planning kind of thing. )
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All right! Since "Nameless States is the smallest kingdom" is no longer a meme, let's get some plotting done!

So far I've got:

-this guy getting settled in his role as Regent

-Crown Prince Levin being Levin

-Locke planning to sabatoge Zeon and may or may not be receiving help from the States somehow

-rebuilding from post-Blight rampage.

As a rule, the states are peaceful/neutral and mercantile, but will throw their lot with whoever seem just/needs help, and will impose trade embargos on aggressive/bad nations.

Let's see what else we can do for both internal and external plots!
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Hello potential applicants and current players already in game. I'm Kattu, I play Arturia, and it's about damn time I made an attempt to start this up.

While Britain is notorious for it's large amount of knights and fighters, I'd like to open this faction up to every kingdom, so long as the character is appropriate for it. I'm not wholly sure how I should go about implementing it, so ideas would be great for that. There are two things to note though:

1) Women can become a member of this faction. Since there's already Kay and Arturia, it would be pretty strange otherwise.
2) Policies would be along the lines of the Code of Chivalry. There will be a couple of modifications to not make it not be so focused on Britain.
3) Those who are a part of the Knights of the Round Table are welcomed within Camelot (Dalweth) and would be able to command within the Britain military should war/battle arise without a commanding officer. Yes, this means someone from an unrelated kingdom can boss around Britain troops.

Current members are: King Arthur, King Arturia, and the first knight, Kay.

So yes, let's plot!
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Newcomer here! I... have said before that I couldn't join, but the pull was just too strong...

I bring you Dhaos, the antagonist from Tales of Phantasia! In a nutshell, Dhaos used to be the ruler of the largest nation in his world until a smaller nation jacked stuff up, so he left to go find a way to save his planet, and then he arrived in Phantasia's world, where HUMANS were jacking stuff up and he got angry and Human Hating Tree Hugger happened. In-game he's known as the Demon King because he made a deal with the demons to get their help, and co-leads them with another character until she's killed by the party.

I realize that this is not the best way to start off in Imperial Saga, but the setting here is perfect for exploring the Dhaos from before Phantasia-- that is, the Prince of Elusion he used to be. As much as I would adore the chance for him to actually be a ruler, I understand that as a first-time player I probably don't inspire enough faith for that XD;;; Suggestions and HALP with regards to bringing out the prince in Dhaos would be very much appreciated! As long as I get to play his princely side somehow I am perfectly content with any position or lack thereof ♥

Besides that, Dhaos is also a very powerful sorcerer with your typical villainous powers, like teleporting, mind control, frikkin' laser beams and the ability to cast a whole bunch of stuff at once. He'll be powered down in IS, of course, but he's always avoided conflict if possible, even as a ruler. So, um, peaceful sorcerer-type guy here, yeah.  He does have a huge capacity for anger, though, which is why the game happened at all.  He ain't soft, yo.

So, is there room for Dhaos in Imperial Saga?  And if so, where? XD
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Who wants a happy-go-lucky religious monk/priest/wizard to ask lots of questions and supply helpful magic where needed? I'm not sure which kingdom to join. The only kingdom I'm ruling out is Rome, as I have someone else I'm planning to send there.
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Hey guys, this is Sheepy. I have a special offer for you, today only okay not just today! One of them is Suika here, a seemingly cute but always blasted oni of a girl. Literally. She'll be coming from the mountains, cause she heard you guys were having a party. Obviously she was invited, hers just got lost in the mail. She has a fun ability where she can change her own density, as well as apparently turning into a mist that makes people want to go into a partying frenzy (probably smells like beer, peanuts and Old Spice). Obviously if you want your character to be immune (I don't know why you would, killjoy), they can be. The reason for this post, however, is not to discuss that but to discuss Suika herself. She's part of an elite group called the Four Devas of the Mountain, extremely strong demons, so it would not be out of line for some people to at least know the story. Again, that's up to your personal discretion whether or not your character(s) know about that.

Character number two is just some useless meat, don't worry about her. She's just some Demon Queen, feared among the masses for being completely heartless and all-powerful. But really, she's a good girl. She'll teach you about economics too!

Where Demon Queen (and Hero when Void apps him) is concerned, there are two things that I'm looking for. That would be a kingdom where she could pose as a human--preferably either already in an advisory role or working her way toward--as well as either castmates or interesting CR. I'm particularly looking for a Female Knight or Holo from Spice and Wolf (FOR GREAT ECONOMICS--I mean JUSTICE). I would also love more demons for her to bro it up with, probably in the vein of like. Bowser. Demons that look a lot less human that can either know her or be related to her. She's essentially the last boss of an RPG, so someone who can pound on the fourth wall a bit would be a lot of fun, I think. But really, I'll take what I can get.

Anyway, that's it. I may be making a few more posts in the next month and a half after wedding stuff is done. Suika and Demon Queen are only the first in a bunch of characters I'm looking to app, but with only two free slots at the moment, I figured that I would get them out of the way first. HAVE AT.
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The Reset Bomb Factory has been destroyed, thanks to the efforts of Char, Athrun, Hajime, and Garviel and Mitchell and their respective troops. And also some stupid green haired goddess who can't keep her nose in her own business. No more Reset Bombs will be dropping (for now) and Viridi will be pouting mourning the impending death of the planet making voodoo dolls of people she hates exiting the picture for a bit. Actually all the others are probably true, too.

The forest that was a result of the first Reset Bomb is still around, though, but otherwise, the world is relatively unscathed.

To see the log, go to this link!

Thanks a lot for everyone who participated in this player plot! I appreciate having the chance to play this out with you! There are a few other plots I have in mind for Viridi later on, so she's not gone entirely yet.
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