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Name: Shini
Age: 31
Timezone: Mountain Time (UTC -7)


Name: Dr. Georik Zaberisk
Canon: Animamundi: Dark Alchemist
Age: 27
Canon Point: Chapter 3 – after he starts working for the court and experimenting with Alchemy
Character History: Georik was born to the noble, but rumored cursed Zaberisk family – his grandfather was executed for witchcraft and the men of the family are said to have short and brutal lives. However, he was ignorant of his family’s alleged curse as his father Count Wolfgang Zaberisk was a renowned and respected doctor (and as he discovers later – a very prestigious Alchemist), his mother was a kind woman and his sister Lillith while frail in health was a sweet child. When Georik was 17 and away at University, his parents disappeared – his mother’s body turned up in a river, and a week later, his father was found – his body so multiated that he had to identify him by his rings, left orphaned with a sickly sister, a heavy debt he didn’t realize his father had, and few servants to help with her – he carried on, becoming a Court Physician when he was the only doctor willing to threat the Princess when she was stricken with plague. When Lillith’s health deteriorate, he resigned and moved them to the summer villa for her health.

At some point unknown to him, he had died to some unknown cause, and in desperation, his six year old sister turned to their father’s collection of occult books and somehow managed to summon Mephistopheles, who resurrected Georik, and since then the devil’s been watching and obsessed with the doctor.

When Lillith was thirteen, he left home to visit his friends and her fiancé in Geutrink the capital, and in the meantime, villagers fearful of the Zaberisk reputation stormed the manor and tried her for witchcraft under the flimsiest of reasons and decapitated her – with Georik arriving right when they mounted her head on a cross. In a fit of rage, he killed the Inquisitors, retrieved her head and torched the village – and discovered to his shock that she’s not dead.

By chance on his way back, he meets a young boy very skilled with alchemy, who decides to teach him the craft in exchange for room and board, and he later discovers when reapplying for his position of Court Physician that a suspicious man named Bruno Glening has the King’s ear, and that the Kingdom of Hardland is faring poorly in the war against the Necromancer Pope of the country of Eidellune. Under these trying circumstances, Georik must tread down a dark and twisted path to save his sister all the while a devil whispers in his ears.

Item Regains:
* Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae: A treatise on Alchemy written in-universe by Wolfgang Zaberisk, like most alchemical texts, it is written in code using Kabbalistic and Magical symbolisms and keys. Not only does it hold sentimental value having been written by his father, Georik uses it as a reference guide for more complex Alchemical formulae. Appearance wise, it’s a leather-bound book with entwined serpents on the spine and a circular indent on the front cover.

*A Mortuary Sword: A basket-hilt straight double-edged sword of his period, the only thing of note is its longer than normal blade to accommodate for the fact that he’s an unusually tall man.

* Surgical Kit: A cloth bag with straps that contains a spool of thread, scissors, needles, and several types of clamps and cutting tools, all for performing surgery. However it’s missing some form of anesthetic….

*A Mummified Heart: This is a possible item Georik could find in a gift box in his father’s study. A present from Mephistopheles, it is a human heart perfectly preserved, supposedly it can be used for potent black magic.

*Blood Transfusion Apparatus: This frightening series of tubes, straps and needles is actually a portable device to allow the transfusion of blood directly from one person to another using gravity and a vacuum plunger. It looks like it’s been kept meticulously clean…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
-Excellent medical knowledge, he was able to treat the plague when most senior physicians fled, and he believes in the Hippocratic Oath – immediately providing medical treatment to bandits he finished beating up, however his bedside manner leaves much to be desired –he’s very blunt and doesn't believe in sugar-coating bad news.

-Great swordsman” able to easily beat several bandits and the Captain of the Royal Guard – he still holds the record for being the youngest winner of the fencing tournament. And regardless of what choice the player makes, Georik will win the tournament that takes place over the course of the game.

-Quick learner: he’s able to quickly pick up Alchemy at a rate that impresses his instructor, and while initially skeptical of the supernatural, he is a naturally curious man and will explore what topics catches his interest.

-Loyal: Once you earn his friendship or affection, he will die – and kill for you, the only way to lose that loyalty is to betray another person he’s loyal to. Even after years away from the court, he is still loyal to the King and Princess Sylvie – and with already so much on his plate, he is determined to get Bruno kicked out of court to be rid of his toxic influence on them. He even forgave Mikhail for beating him senseless over a misunderstanding.

-Honor: Funny enough for all the dark deeds he does, he has a sense of honor – he’s the first to run to trouble if he hears a scream, and after what happened in the village, he refuses Mikhail’s request for a rematch in the Fencing tournament, as he felt his blade was too stained with innocent blood to be worthy of crossing swords with his friend. Georik tries his damnest to keep his promises and obligations under the trying circumstances.

-He cannot tolerate contact with sacred objects, sacramental wine is acid, being in a church gives him terrible headaches, and it’s likely he’ll burn if he directly touches a cross or other holy object. At the canon he’s taken from, he is unaware of this.

-Georik has a temper, and when he loses it, he does not think clearly and is prone to lash out. He always regrets it, but apologies don’t always fix it – hard to undo burning an entire village to the ground.

-It’s never implicit, but there’s a strong hint that he has a sadistic streak that he tries to suppress, but it comes out when he’s angry, being especially barbed tongue or even striking someone.

-Pride. He’s in debt up to his eyeballs thanks to his father, but he can’t bring himself asking for help or doing anything that would publicly show they’re broke, and when he starts getting over his head, he would continue headlong when others beg him to stop because it’d mean he has to admit he’s wrong.

-Competitive. Oh does he loves to compete, whether it’s racing horses, or playing quiz games with Lillith, he cannot resist answering a challenge unless he feels he’s unworthy of it (see Honor above).

-Absent-minded: He’s used to climbing up the trellis of his house because he forgot his house keys, and it’s bad enough that his best friend who had been watching over the manor gave the keys to the house keeper, not trusting Georik to not lose them. He also had to be reminded to wash his sword after dealing with bandits.

Motives: He has killed before for the sake of his sister, and will kill to protect his close friends, and avenge himself and/or lovers/family (depending on route). He has also shown a belief in mercy killing. And if the need arises, he is willing to kill to protect important secrets.

Moral Alignment: Georik under normal circumstances would be a Neutral or chaotic good doctor, but with the shock of his sister’s “Execution”, he drifts to Neutral or Neutral Evil – his intentions are good, but there are things he does on all routes that is morally dubious at best and unquestionably evil at worst.

What does your character desire the most?: To restore his sister to full body and health, and get that creepy untrustworthy Bruno Glening out of the court.

Sample: Georik sighed softly as he looked at the scene before him, glancing over to the nervous young man and ashen-faced woman that had fetched him, slowly registering that this kind of thing was not going to be familiar to the two. “I suggest you step outside, and take in some fresh air, this will not be pleasant for anyone.” the doctor half-ordered, half-suggested as he approached the reason that he was brought over.

There's no mistaking that the body before him was deceased, no one could survive with such a deep gash in their throat for that long, or without the liters of blood that's now pooling around their body. A distant part of him noted as a human, he should be sicken by the bloody mess, but it's still a sight prettier than plague-bloated patients, or the cadavers his professors had illegally obtained in order for the class to learn anatomy. Ironic, he thought to himself as he pulls his hair back, and slipped on a different set of gloves – that those tasked with preserving life end up getting well – not numb, not indifferent – but used to death.

Finally slipping on his glasses that allowed him to focus better on finer details, he leans in, gingerly brushing his finger against the edge of the wound – ragged, deep, but performed in one cut, probably a wide object, not kept in the sharpest condition – with the deepness coming from an excessive use of force – it reminded him of some of the accidental ax injuries he had occasionally treated in the country side. He stops for a moment, shuddering as a morbid thought crossed his mind – was this the kind of thing Lillith was forced to endure? He hoped that unlike his poor sister that the victim at least had the mercy of being unconscious before being struck.


Would you be interested in your character having a plot-involved role?: Yes
Would you prefer your character to be a victim, a killer, or do you have no preference?: I’m fine with either one!
Would you like to volunteer your character to be killed early? Yes, and again either role is good.
Anything else? He’s a living vessel for Lucifer, and throughout the canon, the demon part of him leaks out (weakness to holy objects, his blood becoming dark in color with a tendency to want to group up if spilled), and in some endings he and Lucifer become one person, which includes his body becoming that of a full-fledge demon – wings, control over fire and some really wicked claws. Personality wise, Lucifer is openly sadistic, proud, and mischievous, taking some of Georik's worst traits and amping them up to eleven.



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