Feb. 18th, 2012

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Hey everyone! Rosa-mun here, the mind behind Alucard, your resident vampire, of Hellsing.

FIRST THING FIRST! This is jut a reminder. Anyone who is jumping onto the "Integra is gonna get married to the Major plot", just keep in mind that your fellow Vampire King here is going to crash that wedding to save Integra. His Restriction Artes will go down to Level One, summon Baskerville the Hellhound, and will kill anyone who would gets in his way. If you don't want your character to get devoured by Alucard and serve him as a minion for the rest of your character's life, please let me know (because that would technically make you one of the Undead and a servant of Hellsing...>_>). Otherwise, I'll assume death is not allowed and everyone will at least survive and walk away with some injuries, horrible nightmares, maybe a missing limb or two, PSTD-symptoms because Alucard here will be more focused in getting Integra outta there than going maim maim fun maim kill kill torture sadistic pain KILL KILL on everyone.

So next! Lately, I feel inspired and I was thinking of picking up the following characters and I wonder if there is anyone who maybe is interested and maybe give me some advice and ideas when I'll be writing the applications for them.

Claude Frollo: You may know him from the film Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. I was thinking in this AU, he can be a leader of a Church and have some soldiers to do his bidding. Anything the Church is against (especially Gypsies), he's more than happy to be the exterminator in the name of the good Lord!

On Original!Ion: For the fandom of Tales of the Abyss. Okay, edit this again. The discussion about him is here. I can make do without Van, but without Arietta as a key player, applying for Ori!Ion is not feasible right now. :\ But ya know, if anybody is interested, let me know. You can drop me a PM or a tag on this entry.

My AU plan for Original Ion )



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