Feb. 29th, 2012

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(That feeling when you know you won't really have time to write up an app until near when your reserve expires orz)

Hello, my name is Subby and I was looking through some RPs to play in, this one really intrigued me! So allow me to potentially give you a smooth talker ... with a good chunk of his body replaced by metal and crystal tech.

His name is Jack Hamilton, a lone gunman that enemies will curse him as "The Man With The Machine Gun ... Arm" (thankfully it's retractile) and to others, as his wishful thinking, the charmer of ladies. We'll see where that goes; he tends to have a poor track record with all but the kind of girls he doesn't want to be associated with...whatever that entails.

I'm coming into this with barely a handle on the backstory of the Imperial Saga, and while I enjoyed reading every bit of it, I know it'll be a bit much for me to retool the entire setting of Ar Tonelico in a matter of mere days in order for it to mesh 100% with Dagaria, so I might be handwaving or improvising on a lot of details as I go along until I have time to sit down and draw something up.

So, given that, I'm open to suggestions on where the guy can go to contribute to the plot progression we have going here! I'm going to be flexible on this (he tends to come and go as he pleases anyway), but if Jack were to be an active part of a Kingdom or Faction I believe his best role would be suited to Intelligence Operative. I can just wing out however he happens to eventually join the ranks of wherever he ends up in or we can plot together on it.

I wouldn't rely on him too much though: Jack has his own agendas, mainly searching for someone...and finding his place again in the world that caused him to lose his past. He's entirely for acting and adventuring on his own, regardless of if he ends up serving anywhere, but he certainly wouldn't mind making use of his perks and position in order to further himself either. Still, if he believes in a cause he'll certainly support it, so gaining his empathy goes a long way, even if he's picky about that.

Besides, who wouldn't want to have a weapon like this as an asset?

(Mileage may greatly vary due to lack of Harmonics.)



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