Mar. 6th, 2012

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Hey this is shini with a new character (some of you may recognize him, don't feel bad if you don't). Georik Zaberisk is from Animamundi: Dark Alchemist. He is a good Physician and an Alchemist by inheritance - his father in canon was an extremely famous one. But that's not all!

Part of the story twist of his canon is that Georik is in fact a living vessel of Lucifer. So in IS this will manifest as a second personality (along with the physical changes) who will go to those who he feels that he can tempt away from the path of righteousness, especially if he can make them think it's not evil or it's not their fault (but it totally is!). Georik does not know that Lucifer exists, so he'd occasionally wake up in weird places with strange injuries.

In this version, Lucifer was an angel who rebelled against the Crystal King over elevating the more capricious earth-born man over the ever-loyal angels, and as Punishment, The Shining One forces him to reincarnate as a human over and over to learn humility, but eventually the seal on his powers weaken and now he's seeking revenge on The Crystal King and all of the other Divinities.

ANYWAYS! To the Meat of it:

1. I like to have that Wolfgang Zaberisk (Georik's father) being famous as a very skilled Alchemist who wrote a very important book on Alchemy that is not only a good philosophical text on the matter, but a thorough primer for beginners so they don't end up killing themselves.

2. Who is interested in having a Devil sliding up to them?

3. Anyone want some pre-established CR with a good-natured but very competitive doctor?



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