Mar. 14th, 2012

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With Spring Court coming up, Kiyuu and I have hatched a small plot for Spring Court using my gladiator, Gannicus.

Nero has decided to try to gain some favor by showcasing to all of Dagaria at Spring Court the Roman tradition of gladiatorial combat as a tribute to the Emperor. Officially talked about as an 'exhibition' of Roman gladiators, before the Tournament is to begin - before the bounded field is placed, Gannicus will fight another gladiator npc (unless there is a volunteer for their character to get horribly beaten) before the crowd in a traditional match with the fate of the loser in the Emperor's hands.

To make it clear, this is a gladiator fight, so it will be quite violent with lots of blood and possible (though doubtful) NPC death that many characters may not be expecting to see. It will also keep Gannicus out of the tournament while still allowing him to display his skill. I expect this to be done as a post by itself with three parts - a section of Nero pandering to the crowd and the Emperor with some direct input from Gannicus, another section of writing out the fight in parts so players can have their characters react to what they see, and an part for after the fight where Gannicus joins Nero and they can be talked to by anyone who wants to.

On a side note, Gannicus will also be trying to get a specific lady's attention before and after the fight, so be on the look out for him to end up making a bit of a fool of himself and most likely get shot down as he has little restraint.



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