Apr. 9th, 2012

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Here's my 2nd unofficial? Legend of Zelda/Mister Young Link plotty thread. I couldn't do much with Link's app this week, but hope to make up for it.

So after some fun stuff reading about the Legend of Zelda series, this is what I came up for AU Link so far. Any comments, ideas and such are greatly appreciated. I also could use some interactivity/association help, you know?

BTW, I made a testrun thread.

OK, here it is:

* There is a Kingdom of Hyrule. It is one of the kingdoms over the sea, east of Dagaria.

* I'm still stumped on what Link's Primary Role should be. So far, I only have "soldier" listed but I fear that he'll wander with little use or activity if I app him.

* Link lives in a secluded forest village, protected from danger a la Ocarina of Time. He lives with his uncle and is training to become a knight like his parents. Ala Windwaker, Green color symbolizes a hero.

* Background/Lore is mostly retained from canon. Hyrule, or the surface land, was created by the Three Goddesses (Din, Naryu, uhh...><;) after an era where the Hylian ancestors lived in the sky. There is a Temple of Time, which holds the door to the Sacred Realm,


* There is the "Decline Timeline". The Sacred Realm has been corrupted into the Dark Realm, which has connections to evil, negative stuff, Netherrealm, etc. This only happened canonically when Ganon killed Link in a past battle. >__< Either I forgot why or I didn't type down the reason why it's Dark. Ganon, using the Triforce, PROBABLY resurrected himself and very gradually corrupted the place throughout the centuries. Maybe that's what I was thinking.

* There are Knights of Hyrule! And they, including Link's parents, have the fate of going to the Dark Realm and getting brainwashed.

* Connected to Ganon/Agahnim Profile. Ganon is....dead, but still has much influence. So the Dark Realm is connected to him.

* Also taken the Ganon app, the Triforce has a sentience. While trapped in the wrong realm (I think), it appears before Link and while offering him some of its power, beeseeches the boy to free it from evil.

* Link might have a weird item that'll make him change the tunic color ^_^: which may have something to do with different abilities (ie: Red = heat absorb).
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So, thinking over things and to give me an option so that I'm not stick doin' the evil and trolling all the time, I'm looking for a heroic character.

And the one that's come to mind is one Gai Shishioh, of The King of Braves: GaoGaiGar.

Now, there's a tricky part about that - in canon, Gai has an enormous support team - he can't even form the title robot without approval from his chief.

Buuuut I was perusing images the other day, and found something rather neat - Genesic GaoGaiGar, henshin hero style.

So right now I'm just poking about, looking to see where he might fit as maybe a knight or something, and trying to figure out how to work his own armor, GaiGar, and GaoGaiGar as different stages, or whether to just skip the first two.
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SO. I'm still probably dropping or at least hiating Arthas after this, and Assassin isn't going to last too much longer, but I'm too excited to drop IS now. So, I'm going to need some new characters.

Here are the options I am considering!

Ling (Fullmetal Alchemist) would be from an off-map Xing, probably to the north or west, here to get his hands on some Dagarian secrets and get an edge over his brothers on his way to the Xingese throne. Ideally for him, I'd talk someone else into playing Greed for a while, who would then die, leading into Ling's capture by the Fuhrer and transformation into Greed II.

Scar (same series) is a bit of a departure from my usual archetypes, but I think I could make it work. Best choice for the group he hates the fuck out of for extremely personal reasons is Millenium, which could lead to a Scar-Batman teamup, a phrase so awesome that I can barely even type it.

Baron Wulfenbach (Girl Genius) would be a new faction leader, but of a faction without any provinces! This is because their nation would consist of an enormous airship fleet. He's also a mad scientist, something that this setting doesn't have enough of. Would anyone sign up for this faction?

Dimo (same) would be much less serious, and would work best as underling for someone - good, evil, doesn't really matter. There would be frustratingly wacky antics, there would be surprisingly intense competence, there would be weird accents. Better if I could talk people into apping other Jaeger along with him.

Iakovitzes (The Tale of Krispos) is from the same universe as Avshar - in fact, they actually have canon CR, by which I mean Avshar cuts his tongue off. Iakovitzes is a shrewd, wacky, ruthless politician an a Roman Empire expy nation, who insults people with more care and panache than most people spend on entire weddings. He's also extremely gay, which is an archetype I haven't played with much. He could hang out in the Roman senate or something.

The One Electronic (Rice Boy) is an ancient Machine Man on a quest from God to find a prophesized Fulfiller who will restore balance to the world. The Machine Man empire could go one of two ways: Either across the sea, or so ancient that it fell before Belka rose. Either way, he's thousands of years old, and has a job to do. What I'd ideally want would be people for him to be tracking as possible Fulfiller candidates. In canon, we see two of these - one of them goes all Heroic Frodo Archetype and the other goes insane with ego and forms a cult slash kingdom based on his own prophesized greatness. I could go for either.

In addition to these, I have three ideas for temporary miniboss type characters:

Grand Fisher (Bleach) would be AU'd pretty heavily, since it doesn't look like we're gonna get that Ichigo. For those who don't know canon, he's a sort-of-undead monster that specializes in luring people into lowering their guard and then eating them. If your character has a parent, and canon doesn't establish how they died, then a Grand Fisher plot may work for you.

Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid) I so totally see as a Milennium commander. Come on, can't you see it? You've been playing Castlevania, haven't you?

Elvis (God Hand) is a huge, overweight demon guy who smokes cigars and calls people cabron a lot. He'd be a Rift Thing in this setting, and would ideally find a good guy (preferably a more wacky/lighthearted plot type good guy) to rival against, fighting him a couple times and always losing. He has a lovecraftian horror true form.

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Because the best thing to do with a war of succession about to start is to introduce another player to the field.

Yo, this is gsai, player of Momiji ([personal profile] watchwolf), and if you've been in chat or on my plurk, you know I've been wanting to bring in THIS royal, Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, and establish the Kingdom of Dalmasca. I've talked with Sheepy and Void a bit about this before the con, and here are some ideas:

- Dalmasca is an independent nation that is willingly incorporated into a loose confederation with the Nameless States, dealing with aggression from either Amestris or Zeon, located in the western desert.

- Dalmasca was independent but were crushed by the Empire and forced into integration, occupying the western mountains bordering the desert.

- Dalmasca had been conquered by the Nameless States before Thomas came into power, so Thomas would be the Larsa who is actually working in the interest of Dalmasca.

I'm personally leaning towards the first option, but I'd like opinions. Also, I'm going to need people to join the kingdom along with her as officers so it can be established, of course, so help on that front is also awesome.



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