Apr. 12th, 2012

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Okay, so once we get into a rhythm with these war shenanigans and get our map expansion on, I'm looking at adding a fifth and possibly final character to my roster. I have a few ideas I want to throw out and wanted to here other peoples' opinions and potential offers of castmates maybe if you guys want to be nice.

Ideas I've had:

The Vault-Dweller or The Chosen One from Fallout or Fallout 2, respectively. Over the sea to the East there was once a vast civilization that destroyed itself with drastic overuse of resources and misuse of magical superweaponry. Only a few scattered tribes and pockets of civilization ensconced in magic-proof underground shelters survived, with hilariously warped versions of their old culture and most of their resources being magitechnological relics that no one really understands anymore (seriously, even the canon writers don't know how a G.E.C.K. works). I'd be playing either a wandering hero from one of those shelters who single-handedly stopped an army of Rift-corrupted monsters from overwhelming the place and got no respect for it at the time, or that same hero's easily-distracted but hyper-capable grandson from a village the first guy had founded.

Milia Fallyna from Super-Dimension Fortress Macross. Apparently there are giants in the new world. Why not giant clone alien badasses? I would want at least one castmate for this (Max) but the general effect on the world would be creating a large, aggressive species of magically-created barbarians (barbarian in the sense of not really having a cultural identity or even contact with civilization outside of WAAAAGH) over on the new continent. This could be a Kingdom, Faction, or just a loose collection of "monsters" that are mostly NPCed.

A Tremere Vampire from World of Darkness. Moving back to Dagaria, I mentioned this before, but I've been putting some consideration into a relatively nice but still ruthless vampire scholar and mage Original Character. Meant as a foil to our more physically intimidating and vicious vampires and werewolves, mainly. I should note I've never sat down and played Vampire the Masquerade, but I think I'm familiar enough with Tremere lore to fake it. I'd love to coordinate with Victoria and Taryn's players, if only because he'd probably be terrified of the both of them.

Anyone who could fill out a cast. As much as I love coming up with wacky AU ideas for canons I like, I also like to support this in others. There's a lot of canons in this game I'm not personally familiar with, but if anyone's looking for castmates please let me know, I'd love to help out, especially for any new casts we get for the New World (I think someone said something about Gurren-Lagann?)
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/peeks head in.

Um, hi!

I've been giving a lot of thought to joining this game, but I'm not really experienced with AU settings. I was hoping to get some help brainstorming ideas.

The character in question is Alice Elliot from Shadow Hearts.

I was definitely planning on her being involved with the church, because she had a pretty religious upbringing in canon. She's also a healer, in the magical sense, is generally very moralistic and helpful and can be downright meddlesome.

I've also been considering making her a diplomat.

Other than that, I'm still trying come up with specifics for her AU history. And to figure out where she could fit in plotwise. So I'd definitely appreciate any help you lovely people might decide to provide.

Thanks in advance!
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Hiii, this is Miyu, the one that plays that pink princess called Euphemia, with the idea to app this girl here in a future.

She's Tamamo-no-Mae from the Fate/EXTRA series, so help this Miyu with ideas because I don't have any idea of what I am doing anymore.

Also I blame Chris.



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