Apr. 15th, 2012

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Sup? Rosa here. Sooo, last time I post here, I put up a discussion about applying for Van Grants for Tales of Abyss a month ago. I couldn't wrapped my head around this character and get his voice, so I'm sorry for letting down everyone. I just can't think of anything feasible. I was thinking of dropping Smithy soon in the summer and pick him up again at a later date. The drop is temporary because I couldn't make enough CR with him and I have difficulty roleplaying his voice out.

However, I come to you today to discuss another matter. I was thinking of apping a Axis Powers: Hetalia character!

Now, I'm torn between roleplaying U.K aka Arthur Kirkland or Germany aka Ludwig, though Germany is more likely because I know we got a crazy Major around here and poor Ludwig may get a few Nazi's to speak German with~. However, I cannot play both U.K or Germany because I imagined they would be enemies in Imperial Saga, similar to their canon in the anime.

Most likely Ludwig may represent Amestris? So yeah, anyone interested? Any ideas or suggestions before I work on his app? I would love someone to app for North Italy, Japan, or Prussia (Ludwig's brother).



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