May. 23rd, 2012

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FOR ONCE AGAIN I HAVE IDEAS I have been massively slacking in this game ffffuuu

I'd like to incorporate the Daedric Princes/Daedra Lords from The Elder Scrolls series into a plot idea I had for Raisa; specifically Hircine.

More can be read about them on that wiki entry because delving into that here would inevitably lead to tl;dr BUT in a nutshell. The Daedric Princes are powerful beings who aren't technically gods, they're just worshiped as them anyway and they actively encourage this mortal activity for Fun and Profit. "Official" religions tend to outlaw and persecute their worship but it happens anyway; I imagine a similar thing could happen in Dagaria.

The Daedra have Spheres of influence on an alternate plane known as Oblivion, and are said to rule over different aspects in the physical plane of Mundus (Sheogorath and madness, for example). How much of this is true is debatable, especially in an AU setting like this because suddenly locking people into certain behaviors is rude SO WHATEVER YOU WANT MAN.

Back to Hircine! His Sphere is the Hunt, the Chase etc and he is said to have gifted/cursed Mundus with lycanthropy. In TES III: Morrowind's expansion Bloodmoon will actively commune with the player character in dreams if you're playing a werewolf and give you quests to complete for fabulous prizes.

He's also credited with creating lots of were-things; boars, bears, crocodiles, vultures, tigers and sharks. He wasn't mentioned in any of the really ancient texts in the Elder Scrolls like most of the other Daedric Princes so I imagine he had his head under the radar.

...mostly I'd just like to see any of the Daedra Lords around in general because seeing them makes me squeal in a way mostly audible to dogs.

At the moment I was just going to have Raisa receive a few dream visions from him and be like WHO IS THIS GUY and maybe a quest or two later on; is anyone else interested? I might try to organize a Wild Hunt if enough people are interested, but it's not a major priority (and would probably involve character death anyway).



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