Jun. 26th, 2012

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Hi all, new player here! I'm Sylvar and I to you a potential character to plot and throw ideas at. A few details need to yet be worked out for her but hopefully shouldn't be too difficult.

That character would would Celena Vantari, a dragon of many talents and a curiosity to match. She's a skilled artificer and will be seeing to constructing, analysing new tech/magic and developing all new ways of use. Beneath all the curiosity and interest in all things Celena is a skilled spy, having spent many years in different guises(appearing as a human female), wandering from Kingdom to Kingdom and learning much of their ways. In cases infiltrating minor courts and influencing minor things here and there.

If any Kingdom or faction is interested in having had her particular presence in something in the past feel free to let me know, for the most part it would have been something minor and seemingly inconsequential so can be handwaved for the most part. If any individuals particularly those involved in manners of court but not limited to is interested in having met her in another guise it could prove for interesting points. Given her information gathering skills I would also be interested in particular information that she might be allowed to have gathered in her time.

On another note, Celena will be forming a new faction with another character that is going to be apped alongside her, Aibghalien, who shall be leading the faction. The faction in question is to be known as the Arcaniss Initiative and will (hopefully) be based in the flying city of Dalaran in the Jergeth province. The goal of the faction is to strive forward in the fields of magical research and development, to both study existing and discovered sources of magic and to develop new uses.

If anyone has any magic users would be interested in such a faction let us know!

Also as something random, in gathering all the information I could on Imperial Saga and the world I ended up whipping up a political map for my own use to get an idea of where all the factions are, hadn't seen one around but here it is if it would be of use to anyone! (Also feel free to correct it if it's wrong >.>)
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Chris here! I'm looking to app Akechi Mitsuhide from Pokémon Conquest here. He used to be Nobunaga's right-hand man, until he betrayed him -- which was what led to Nobunaga's disappearance. I figure that Mitsuhide likewise disappeared after Nobunaga did, and now that Nobunaga has reemerged on the imperial stage (no pun intended), it's time for Mitsuhide to get to work again. A few things to take care of:

-Mitsuhide will have needed a place to go into hiding. The Nameless States might be his best bet, but if anyone would like to suggest an alternative, I would gladly hear it.
-Mitsuhide isn't foolish enough to believe he can challenge Nobunaga on his own, especially now that he has regained control of Sawa. Would anyone be interested in joining a faction dedicated to bringing him down and putting a more peaceful ruler in charge?
-Fellow Sengoku-era players, is there anything else we should hammer out?
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Viridi has made her first act of aggression, and it won't be the last.  From now until the end of this player plot, if it suits your needs, you are welcome to assume that another bomb has been dropped wherever.  Viridi will, however, be making an effort to avoid rural areas and concentrate on places that are committing especially egregious acts against nature.  Additionally, characters are welcome to spot something unusual in the sky, a floating island that wasn't there previously.  From ground distance, it will be extremely high up, but it's large enough that it may still be seen with the naked eye.

Officially, Viridi will be dropping one more bomb before her bomb depot is destroyed.  This will be in Zeon, to give Char more incentive to send his airships towards her Bomb Factory.  Depending on the character response, this bomb may or may not successfully detonate.  It would be cool to have it be destroyed mid-flight, but I don't know if any characters are capable of that.  If a god would like to step in and do the honors, feel free to do so when I throw up the post.

The final battle will be conducted either through log or by AIM.  I'd like to take a poll now - for people interested in participating, which do you prefer?

As a final note and some minor ret-conning, Viridi will ICly have made her presence known prior to the bomb drop, as she was called upon during Taryn's fight against the raiders for a divine intervention.  If your character was involved in that battle, they will recognize her from that incident (hasn't been logged yet, but likely will be soon).

Alright, thanks for your time!



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