Jul. 13th, 2012

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The Reset Bomb Factory has been destroyed, thanks to the efforts of Char, Athrun, Hajime, and Garviel and Mitchell and their respective troops. And also some stupid green haired goddess who can't keep her nose in her own business. No more Reset Bombs will be dropping (for now) and Viridi will be pouting mourning the impending death of the planet making voodoo dolls of people she hates exiting the picture for a bit. Actually all the others are probably true, too.

The forest that was a result of the first Reset Bomb is still around, though, but otherwise, the world is relatively unscathed.

To see the log, go to this link! http://pastebin.com/wYBYa8VP

Thanks a lot for everyone who participated in this player plot! I appreciate having the chance to play this out with you! There are a few other plots I have in mind for Viridi later on, so she's not gone entirely yet.
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Hey guys, this is Sheepy. I have a special offer for you, today only okay not just today! One of them is Suika here, a seemingly cute but always blasted oni of a girl. Literally. She'll be coming from the mountains, cause she heard you guys were having a party. Obviously she was invited, hers just got lost in the mail. She has a fun ability where she can change her own density, as well as apparently turning into a mist that makes people want to go into a partying frenzy (probably smells like beer, peanuts and Old Spice). Obviously if you want your character to be immune (I don't know why you would, killjoy), they can be. The reason for this post, however, is not to discuss that but to discuss Suika herself. She's part of an elite group called the Four Devas of the Mountain, extremely strong demons, so it would not be out of line for some people to at least know the story. Again, that's up to your personal discretion whether or not your character(s) know about that.

Character number two is just some useless meat, don't worry about her. She's just some Demon Queen, feared among the masses for being completely heartless and all-powerful. But really, she's a good girl. She'll teach you about economics too!

Where Demon Queen (and Hero when Void apps him) is concerned, there are two things that I'm looking for. That would be a kingdom where she could pose as a human--preferably either already in an advisory role or working her way toward--as well as either castmates or interesting CR. I'm particularly looking for a Female Knight or Holo from Spice and Wolf (FOR GREAT ECONOMICS--I mean JUSTICE). I would also love more demons for her to bro it up with, probably in the vein of like. Bowser. Demons that look a lot less human that can either know her or be related to her. She's essentially the last boss of an RPG, so someone who can pound on the fourth wall a bit would be a lot of fun, I think. But really, I'll take what I can get.

Anyway, that's it. I may be making a few more posts in the next month and a half after wedding stuff is done. Suika and Demon Queen are only the first in a bunch of characters I'm looking to app, but with only two free slots at the moment, I figured that I would get them out of the way first. HAVE AT.



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