Jul. 23rd, 2012

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So now that I'm here, after Summer Court ends and I've had a chance to do a proper Crystal intro with Kanako, I'm thinking of kicking things off with a nice simple Incident plot! What I was thinking was picking a province (or chunk of a province) off the map and covering it with an endless rainstorm until Kanako is defeated. It'd give people in the area something to talk about, give a handful of people a chance to fight a god, and end with some CR and a lot of people getting drunk and a record-breaking late harvest.

Who all would be interested in getting in on the godfight climax? Kanako generally works better for fighting magic-users, but physical fighters can work into it well so long as they can fly or otherwise attack from a distance.

Also, would anyone like to be on Kanako's side for this event?! Sync sounded interested in Kanako's religion, we could probably arrange a conversion between now and then. It'd make things more interesting.

Also, any volunteers for a province to rain on?

Also, who's just generally up for some CR plotting? I've only got one character, so I'm open to all sorts of things. Let's plot!

Cast call

Jul. 23rd, 2012 07:32 pm
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Nerdo here.

While I'm tripping on nostalgia and playing the DS remake, is there anyone here who might seriously consider playing from Chrono Trigger? I have the urge to play from it, and IS here might be the best place to do so (especially for the 1000 AD kids), but I don't really want to Lone Canon Warrior it, if you understand how I feel, and I think trying to work in something like the plot could definitely be fun here (we already have a decadent ancient magical kingdom, a medieval period full of intrigue, and horrible space-invader meteors in our backstory, after all).

My feelings for this are just about 100% directionless, including which character I'd want to play in a cast, but my strongest inclinations are for Lucca (who needs nothing outside of a cast) or Marle (who could really use a monarchal parent of some kind to rebel against).

Anyone else interested?



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