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Kusuha Mizuha (クスハ∙ミズハ) ([personal profile] xiao_lan_long) wrote in [community profile] imperial_plots2012-07-23 07:32 pm

Cast call

Nerdo here.

While I'm tripping on nostalgia and playing the DS remake, is there anyone here who might seriously consider playing from Chrono Trigger? I have the urge to play from it, and IS here might be the best place to do so (especially for the 1000 AD kids), but I don't really want to Lone Canon Warrior it, if you understand how I feel, and I think trying to work in something like the plot could definitely be fun here (we already have a decadent ancient magical kingdom, a medieval period full of intrigue, and horrible space-invader meteors in our backstory, after all).

My feelings for this are just about 100% directionless, including which character I'd want to play in a cast, but my strongest inclinations are for Lucca (who needs nothing outside of a cast) or Marle (who could really use a monarchal parent of some kind to rebel against).

Anyone else interested?

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