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Considering Joining

Hey everyone, my name's Michael, and I write a webcomic called Twice Blessed. Recently I've picked up the habit of playing the main character in LJRP's as a way of experimenting with his personality so that he seems more real in my writing.

ANYWAYS, I'm really interested in apping Cade to Imperial Saga.
Cade's canon, in brief summary, is that he was a bard who drew the attention of the goddess of luck,was blessed by her, and was unwittingly ordained as one of her paladins (much to chagrin of like, every other paladin ever). Because of her blessing, he has extraordinary luck that has given him the reputation of a hero of much greater skill than he really is, and he has kind of begun believing his own hype. He is at best an average swordsman and a dabbler in a wide variety of magic (being only really competent with healing magic), but he does have an impressive haul of magical equipment that has been mostly showered upon those who thought him a great hero. He has a tendency to bite off more than he can chew and to attract lots and lots of trouble.

I'm open to recommendations of what countries and factions to join, and really any sort of recommendation or discussion in general.
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Hey. I know you.

Well, I semi-trolled your thread on a forum, anyway.
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Giantitp. Which is amusing since that's where I first met the creator-mod here and started stalking his LJ games.

Really as a D&D-style fantasy character Cade should fit pretty well without any major modifications. This is a vaguely-somewhere-between-Renaissance-and-Industrial-Revolution fantasy setting with a lot of magic and violence, which should pretty much cover Cade's default setting and capabilities.

The only big thing is that Dagaria is religiously largely dominated by a monotheistic not!Catholic Church, but other gods and goddesses certainly exist. They just either faded into obscurity in terms of worship when the Crystal King's religion took over, or joined CK's religion and angels or saints, so your "goddess of luck" could exist easily, she'd just be relatively obscure.

As an ADVENTURERTM without particular political ties, he could be from almost anywhere. I can recommend Zeon as the land of swashbucklery, though.
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In all honesty? About as well as authority figures normally seem to react to Cade.

The series name is the name of the series the kingdom is AU'd from, or more specifically the series that its founding ruler is from. Zeon, for example, is an Alternate Universe version of Char's Neo-Zeon movement from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, altered to fit the world setting.

Rome, Britain, and Sawa are slightly odd cases since their founders are alternate universe versions of alternate universe versions of real-world historical/legendary figures, but the idea is the same. Rome is based on Imperial Rome since its first ruler in-game was AU Emperor Nero, Britain is based on Arthurian Britain since its first ruler in-game was AU King Arthur, and Sawa is based on Feudal Japan since its first ruler in-game was AU Mitsunari Ishida.

As for Kingdom details, I guess these are the blurbs you're referring to, but that's the main canonical stuff. I can't speak for other kingdoms, but there's a tl;dr for Zeon here.
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It's all down to what people feel like typing up, really. There's minimums, but beyond that it varies based on our free time mostly.
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fancy meeting you here.
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I believe this account answers your first question. This game is very different, far more affected by player actions and plotting. My only advice is to pick and join a kingdom and faction you will enjoy, and tag as moany posts as you can because as a smaller game cr gets you into more plopts than big events do.
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What would you like to know about rome? I can answer any question you need about that, and nerdo can answer Zeon questions up above in his thread with you.
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Population density is fairly low except in Onylith around the university and Hirawyr near the Aurea Domus. (those are the major city areas as well). Culture is basically Imperial Rome though garviel is turning it back into a republic at the end of spring court.

Religion honors the old gods though the dictator himself is said to hold the gods in contempt, except for the master of Mankind, the God-Emperor. Sex is basically anything goes, a legacy of the previous ruler Nero, alcohol flows freely, drugs are somewhat less common. Population is primarily human, some beastmen and Fae, particularly bordering Awen.
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Welcome to the game! Hope you decide to stay.

I think your best bet with your goddess is just to have her as a background NPC. Cade may not want to mention it to church-faithful, as the church still does not take kindly to any other gods even though they're all over the place nowadays. Doesn't take kindly as in their policy was to stamp out all other religions and heathens and the like, although we recently got a new Pope that may be more tolerant. Alternatively, you could have her be a specific angel under the Crystal King like Palutena is.

You're probably good to join any nation except Awen, really. Briefly, Amestris is the most openly corrupt and is pretty industrial. Sawa is our equivalent of Japan, while Rome and Britain are our equivalents of... Rome and Britain. Awen is the Beastman nation, Zeon is the airship and robot nation, and the Nameless States is kind of a neutral desert nation.
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Ahaha, so it's not written up anywhere, but Levin is actually the heir to the throne of the Nameless States, and Thomas is his bastard half-brother that's acting as Regent. Levin unofficially works for the States to keep an eye on Thomas and make sure he does a good job, but he tramps around making trouble in other places, too. Mostly Rome.

He's in hiding for some long drawn-out plotty reasons.