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Since I'm in a plotty mood for this guy, I ought to put something a little more lasting up. I've got a general idea of how things are going to go for Jin for now.

He's going to ignore a recall order, get beaten up by Ragna one more time, and escape from a medical ward. He'll stumble upon the ruins of Stratholme, at which point he'll begin to fight Yukianesa's influence (Jin himself will be appalled by the result, while Yukianesa will be trying to make him forget about it in favor of further pursuing Ragna). Then he'll have one more run-in with Ragna, during which he'll find that Yukianesa has rejected him.

After this, Jin will find he's been targeted by his superiors, and they sent someone to deal with him. It's at this point where Jin overcomes Yukianesa and reasserts his priorities.

The problem here is that we have no one to do that with. In canon, the role is filled by his love interest, Tsubaki, but we don't have one and I doubt we'll be getting one in the near future. This leaves two options:

1. Have the fight with Tsubaki happen offscreen.
2. Get someone to replace Tsubaki for this event.

Between the two options, I'd much rather go with the second choice. And even if we get a Tsubaki later, the confrontation between her and Jin can still happen.

Now, the person involved would need to be both subservient to the government and a childhood friend of Jin's. I'm willing to retcon in a childhood friendship. So, who's interested?
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Does this childhood friend have to be of the potentially romantic bent, or could they just be bros?
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So this basically boils down to someone being forced to hunt down their old pal Jin because he's being driven crazy by a cursed sword, then he overcomes the cursed sword mid battle?
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Oh. Shin'i stays out of politics, so probably not Takumi.