Mar. 7th, 2012

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Hey, everyone! This is Ash, you might've seen me in chat, and I am posting here because I am bringing in Ichigo Kurosaki from the manga Bleach. This lovely young lady (Yeah, what of it?) will be pretty much the same as she is in canon, barring the obvious difference: loyal to, and fiercely protective of, her family and friends, and driven primarily by this desire to protect them. She's also the latest in a long line of soldiers from Suo-Oshima, serving as a swordswoman in the island nation's ground infantry, holding back the forces of the Rift that manage to get past the Zeon Navy and boasting an impeccable service record.

...And that's pretty much all I got so far. This is pretty much just background, so her current affiliation is still up in the air. I will say that I'm curious how Izanami-mun feels about possibly having some sort of deal with a strong-willed human, since I hear she's into that sort of thing. Other than that, COME AT ME BROS.
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Hey, everyone, guess what Shen's going to be doing to further lower everyone's opinion of him specifically and of Beastmen in general: That's right, he's establishing opium trade in Dagaria. Why? Because he's BORED. Literally, he's bored to pieces waiting for the agreed-upon time to start his attacks and unleash his beautiful new inventions upon the Papacy.

That said, it will go a long way toward establishing him as a power centre in Dagaria's underworld. Probably lots of organised crime connexions, a few corrupt rulers under his feathery thumb, that sort of thing. Also, insert some kind of bla bla bla about giving the economy a poke in the ass, as well.

ETA: This wasn't the best write-up of this idea that I could come up with. I'm going to copypaste something I said in the comments that explains my intentions a little better:

It probably won't get much, if any, screen time. I am not an economics historian, so I won't be going into terribly much detail save that it's there, and that it's not solely an Asian or Beastman 'thing.' That said, it's a powerful economic force that I hope players consider having their characters do something with, for or against.

So. Thoughts? Questions? Criticisms? Flames?



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