Mar. 17th, 2012

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Sup? Rosa here and I'm thinking of apping for Van Grants for my 5th character. You probably won't see him until next month. >_> I would love to hear ideas and suggestions as I'm working on the app. Here's a few of mine of what I have in store for him.

1) He'll be working at the Church as one of the Judges? Or be the Captain and Senior boss of the Church Intelligent Operatives and spies company? While he can work as a Commander, the title would be moot point because...

2) He'll break away from the Church eventually to create his own Faction and he'll be a commander automatically. Van wanted to break away to create his own order and he might practice several occult knowledge of Divination that can be seen as acts of heresy toward the Church. I just need at least one character/player to join him as a part of his Faction for technical app sakes. His own Faction would be called "The Order of Lorelei" and his troops/company will be called, "The Oracle Knights". Basically, Lorelei can be a patron saint spirit (or pagan deity of the Old Religion?) and his troops will upheld the spiritual beliefs and honor code that Lorelei himself will upheld.

3) Van himself would be a natural-born psychic. It means he has vivid dreams and most of them are precognitive, meaning he can clairvoyant "see" in his mind some visions of the past, present, and future. Some of them are not even his own, but about the people close to him. He can also read omens and signs like reading the flight of birds (augury) or through tools of divination.

EX: He cannot see a person's death (unlike the Fon Master), but he can see an upcoming battle coming toward his way. He just can't see the outcome which side would win or loose the battle, and etc.

It was this psychic ability that gives him the idea of calling his troops, "The Oracle Knights".

Any ideas or suggestions are welcoming, since I'm in the middle of app writing.



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