Mar. 24th, 2012

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Hokay. It appears that, for this Spring Court thing, the role of Very Large Talking Bird will be played by Lord Shennington Shensworth. Of, uh... Shenswick. Or possibly Shenistan.

What this means is that even though there are rumours all over that Lord Shen is turning up to this Court thing and the Tournament and maybe even the Ball if the destruction at Integra and the Major's wedding doesn't, yanno, destroy the place, there will be no Lord Shen. Instead, there shall be a Peacock in disguise as a Pheasant. A very good disguise, I might add, one that would likely fool anyone beyond an avian specialist, whatever they're called. Avianist? Aviologist? Anyway. With his feathers dyed, his tail bound, his crest slicked back, and in different clothes, he'll be completely unrecognisable, even if he does open his beak as, really, who's going to remember what his voice sounds like? Unless they totally do.

At any rate, I'm going to stop blathering and just say, have fun with the birdie. I shall een have a picture ready, hopefully.
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Okay, so since Athrun and multiple members of Luna's Call are going to be in Imperial City for Spring Court, I thought we should get a rough idea of how things are going to work. It's my understanding that the siege of Ringfort will result in a stalemate, which will prompt negotiations to take place and eventually hand control of Lerrian over to Luna's Call. As for more specific things:

-I'm up for Athrun being the sole representative of Zeon in the negotiations. That said, should we do that, or should Char himself be forced to travel to Alilany?

-How will the two sides reach the point of negotiation? One thought I had is a Combat by Champion scenario that ends in a draw. If we do this, I would prefer Athrun fight an opponent whose attacks are predominantly physical so that Athrun is forced to stand down due to losing his Phase Shift, though I can work with someone who fights with other means, too. I'm also open to other ideas.

-I would imagine that Zeon will receive something in return for handing Lerrian over to Luna's Call. Any ideas on what that would be?

-How are the negotiating parties going to view each other after the fact? For what it's worth, I plan to have Athrun use no tactics that would be considered dishonorable for the defending side in siege warfare, and he'd be respectful in all dealings with the beastmen. He'd also passionately rebuff any accusations of fantastic racism -- being what he is, he probably grew up with people side-eyeing him all the time.

Feel free to add other points, because I'm sure I've missed some due to a combination of factors.



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