Apr. 3rd, 2012

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Four things!

1. Xykon and Team Evil have some Rift Gates to claim, and it's about time they finally made their move. Xykon also doesn't approve of this no-magic that's going to start popping up in the expansion, and has every desire to claim all knowledge about it and keep it in his own hands.

Combining these two, we have the Siege of Azure City -- except we need a different city. We also need a group of heroes for Xykon and Redcloak to go up against (who will ultimately lose, but can put up a hell of a fight). At the end of the day, the city in question will have fallen to the forces of Team Evil (who will eventually transform it into the Kingdom of Gobbotopia); a Rift will have opened at that location due to the Rift Gate being destroyed, although it will be tiny and not terribly powerful to begin with and for some time.

This is going to be a pretty intense clash, and likely a Tarot or two will come into play. Volunteers?

2. In YuGiOh lore, there are seven Millennium items, and at present we have only one in play. There are also three God Cards, none of which are in play. The ultimate goal of the Pharaoh is to catch 'em all, in order to unlock his memories.

So I need people to have these items and use them! Two are 'evil' (Eye, Ring, the latter of which holds its own evil intelligence); the Rod is generally used on the side of evil; three are 'good' (necklace, key, scale). All of them have a unique power, and in addition allow for the use of such classic powers as Shadow Games and whatnot. The cards would be immensely powerful summoned creatures, if used properly.

Also, if anyone wants to just have their character be able to fight using the card game the way Yugi does? Also cool.

3. Come the expansion I'm finally going to app Edge from FFIV, and with him I'd like to introduce the Kingdom of Eblan. Eblan is a historically powerful but isolated island nation, hardened by its constant exposure to the mythic Tower of Babil that looms over it, releasing monsters and mayhem frequently. It's a ninja-themed kingdom as well, so any ninjas or shinobi-trained sorts would be a great addition. If anyone's interested in joining?

4. Just a thought I've been sitting on, but... airship kingdom?



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