Apr. 10th, 2012

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I thought as a good way to get some information out that I'd make a general post so players can list brief blurbs for characters, so that it's all in one neat place to reference.

Public Info: Brief Blurb of what any man on the street would know about your character
Snoopers Info: Basically what a bit of digging (like say just being Batman or an Intelligence Operative) would learn.
Title: The character's Title, Derisive Nicknames and such.
What must not be known: The very secret info that should not be made away unless the character tells others or plot happens. Also list which characters that should know this.
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Hey there, IS! I'm Atma, a potential player sent here that you all can blame Kattu for, and after hanging around in chat a while and getting some ideas, I've decided to come here to help hash things out.

I bring you one Veteran Mercenary Echidna from Queen's Blade, a fanservice-heavy political fantasy series with an improbably huge female cast. Echidna herself is an ex-assassin, a drifting mercenary, unrepentantly hedonistic and selfish, sleazy, and a whole lot of fun.

Details here )

I'm very open to anything, really. I'm flexible and accommodating as needed. If you'd like to contact me outside this post, my plurk works best. I'm [plurk.com profile] Gallantry and my AIM, if you prefer that, is gainoscologist

Thank you in advance for all your help and I look forward to joining you all in game soon enough!



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