Apr. 16th, 2012

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Nerdo here. I wanted to get the ball rolling on the following big Grail War fight log:

Archer, Assassin, and Saber (and optionally Nanoha and maybe Shamal if she wants in?) vs. Rider (and optionally Yuna).

I am posting here partly to ask if people want to DW-log this or use AIM instead, and if you want to use AIM, what time is good for everyone?

Anyway, comment on the how and the when and we can start killing people to prove the situation is serious.
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I'm thinking that after the expansion, my fourth character will be from the masterful steampunk work The Scar, which chiefly concerns imperialism and the goings on aboard Armada, a pirate city formed of hundreds of lashed together pirate ships. The city is governed by a council system of the rulers of each of the ridings (a riding being a portion of the city). This provides opportunities for pirate characters to not only be mooks but also potential leaders! Would anyone be interested in joining this faction? Or apping from this canon? I can send you the book if need be.

In the book, the leaders of the most powerful riding decide to summon a giant lovecraftian amoeba and lash the city to it to speed it around, then drive it towards a hole in reality to harvest the riches inside. We could totes do something like that in IS.

I'm a bit stuck on who to app. Here's the possibilities:

1: The Brucolac
Brucolac's a vampire and leader of a riding. By vampire standards he's sane and levelheaded and he opposes the plan to drive Armada into The Scar. Has a tendency to frighten humans, which only frustrates him.

2: Uther Doul
The Brucolac's best frienemy, they're both from a city where most people are undead and humans are the minority. He's a quiet big guy and an adventurer-archeologist. Very loyal, so much so that he willfully disregards common sense sometimes for it. He's the soldier and bodyguard of the leaders of the riding that want to drive Armada into The Scar. Think of him as a darker version of Garviel.

Has one of the coolest weapons in all fantasy: an ancient artifact (Belkan if he were in IS) which is an ordinary sword connected to his body and a non-renewable power supply. When the power supply is turned on, the sword strikes you as a quantum superposition of every possible sword strike. That means you get cut in every possible way there is to be cut at the same time. Would work best with a Brucolac.

3: Silas Fennec
Spoilers ahead. Silas Fennec seems to be an awesome adventurer-trader (Mieville loves deconstructing such types, if it weren't obvious by now). However in reality he's an agent for the big imperialist city state (in IS that'd be Amestris), using his merchant identity as a cover to scout out the underwater home of a species of lovecraftian eel-men. Not out of any concern for it. He claims that the eel-men are going to invade the land, but they have no such intention. His masters just want to build a canal over them to get a more profitable trade route. In the process he uses everyone's naivette to accomplish his goals in truly skeevy ways. Him and The Major would be bff. His main weapon is an eelman artifact that he uses to go all lovecraftian, hiding in non euclidean ways, spitting acid, etc.

4: A Gengris
One of said eel-men themselves, an OC. Would have a very Blue And Orange Morality. An experiment in playing a character with a totally alien value system and how characters react to something so obviously inhuman and scary yet not inherently evil.



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