May. 3rd, 2012

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Hedge here with a possible fourth character. This is Isolfr from the sometimes awesome, sometimes squicky deconstruction of animal bond fiction (such as Pern) A Companion To Wolves. He's from Grim Up North and is psychically bonded to a huge dire wolf.

My idea for his general plot arc is that, following defeating a major warren of riftspawn, he's sent south, ostensibly for the purpose of securing Dagarian friendship and recruits for the wolfhealls. What he doesn't know, however, is that the instructions he's given are actually meant to provoke a Dagarian invasion of the north, because one of the jarls (lords) of the north wants to unify the northlands into a kingdom and for that he needs a common enemy.

1: How's this concept sound to yall? Would anyone like to make friends/enemies of Isolfr and his dire wolf?

2: Would anyone be interested in playing the scheming jarl? It should be a character who's a plotter and somewhat evil or morally ambiguous and while not necessarily Norse, at least close enough to pass. Roose Bolton (ASOIAF) would be a good example.

3: Would anyone be interested in having their character be recruited into the wolheall, to bond with a dire wolf? It's a lifelong commitment but a very rewarding one. The wolfheall has never taken women but there's no reason why we couldn't play out that controversy.

4: Would anyone want to play someone from the same place, wolf-bonded or no? Remember that it's Grim Up North up there, so it should be a character suited to the setting. Jon Snow or Asha Greyjoy (ASOIAF), Hiccup (HTTYD) or most other Proud Warrior Race Guys/Girls including KRONAR, SON OF MAN from OGlaf would be good fits.
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So now that the throne is really and truly vacant, we should figure out who is going to take it. If nobody volunteers, Bradley will take advantage of the fact that he's got the Imperial City generally occupied by his tanks and take over.

HOWEVER should it come to that, Bradley will not take the title of Emperor, he will continue to call himself Fuhrer and will generally say he is taking the position to keep the office running, as is the duty of the Emperor's Right Hand. He'll busy himself with civic works such as enhancing the railroad infrastructure across the empire and setting up a strong irrigation and canal system, but will abdicate to anybody who can make a proper claim to the throne. So long as they allow his projects to continue, anyway. I mean, really, it's for the good of the Empire that a railroad and irrigation system circles all of the important provinces (read: not the islands because screw you Zeon) and any ruler who wants to scrap that obviously isn't fit to rule.

But that's my plan, I am happy however to let anybody with their own plan for taking the Emperor position step forward and claim it.



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