Feb. 2nd, 2012

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Hello there.

This is Eek, and I'm looking into joining. The character is Midna from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. You may have seen her on [community profile] planeocracy, and I'm not dropping her from there, though I think she'll have a stronger presence here. The thing is, I have little idea where to start; what faction to look into, what options I have as a first-time player, things like that. I'd love to hear everyone's ideas. ^^
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Hey Imperial Saga.

My troll ratio was getting low, so here's Nerdo with the goddess Izanami, a walking spoiler for a currently-airing anime, so I won't get into specifics about that yet...but she's in general a very important ancient dead goddess of death and deception who's yandere for mankind, and that's what she'll be playing here.

My planned activities with Izanami:

1) Ruling or being a higher-up in one of the afterlives
2) Messing with people using proxies and illusions for the sake of "giving mankind what they want", which is an assortment of bad things
3) Maybe joining or assisting that Tokoyami thing.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Info on Tokoyami from the people actually planning it? Permission for spoilers the game came out forever ago really


Idea I had in chat, after getting approval to actually make Izanagi queen of the Netherworld. Anyone interested in "The Netherworld" as a faction? Basic mission statement is helping people shuffle off the mortal coil and stay off, preferably landing them in the Netherworld rather than a different afterlife, though Izanami herself would have more far-reaching goals.



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